European-Asian Dining Xperience @ Sofitel So Singapore (Media Tasting)

Xperience Restaurant, which opened in May 2014 and is located at Sofitel So Singapore (you cannot miss the iconic facade of the building), offers a relaxed yet stylish experimental dining concept. Although this restaurant is rather new and not as established as others, it has won a number of awards, namely Singapore Tatler Singapore ‘s Best Restaurants 2015 and a Certificate of Excellence from The Peak Selections: Gourmet & Travel’s G Restaurant Awards 2015.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne, who is one of the few female hotel Executive Chefs in Singapore. She has worked with some of the word’s best chefs including Michel Bras and Jean Georges Vongerichten. If that is not enough as a draw, the restaurant also houses a custom-built Molteni oven!

The interior of the restaurant is designed by Isabelle Miaja and the most notable furnishing has to be the comfortable bed sofas with LED lights. Customers can have a choice of dining at a table or climbing in and “dining in bed.”

Truffle Pao with Short Ribs Stuffing ($25). The aroma of the truffle actually stemmed from the black charcoal buns rather than the filling. The buns were a bit wet for me, not sure if it was from being in the steamer too long, but they did end up being really soft too. The short ribs were tender and juicy.

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