Khao Yai Travelogue 4: What To See, Do, Eat and Stay in Khao Yai

If you have been following my blog closely, you would have realised that this is my second trip to Khao Yai this year. I visited the area in September with friends, and this time it was with my sister. This blog post will not include details about the places I visited during my first trip as well as safari at the National Park, so if you want to find out more about Khao Yai and how to get there, here are my other posts:


I have created a map to show the major attractions in Khao Yai and the relative distance between them so that you can have a rough gauge.

What To See

  1. Sunflowers at Saraburi Sunflower Field (November to January)
  2. Flowers at The Bloom


To get to Saraburi Sunflower Field, it is a slight detour from the route from Bangkok to Khao Yai. It should cost you about an additional 200 Baht if you are taking private transport. While blooming period is from November to January, the sunflowers only started blooming in December this year, so it would be good to check before going there.

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Bangkok Travelogue: Bangkok in One Day

Only have a day in Bangkok and want to cramp as much as possible? That is definitely feasible!

Travelling around Bangkok


An excellent mode of transport in Bangkok is the Tuk Tuk. It is cheaper than taking a cab and is an experience like no other as the driver weaves in and out of traffic. Another way of getting around is through Uber, but this only worked for us when the pickup was at the hotel, as it was hard to communicate a pickup location otherwise.

Taxis were usually our last resort as a lot of them do not go by meter, especially on weekends. They will quote you an unreasonably high price, but you would have no choice as all of the other drivers will quote you the same price too.

On Lok Yun

Situated in Chinatown, amidst all the other traditional shops, is one of Bangkok’s most famous and popular all day breakfast places, On Lok Yun. The place is not exactly accessible, so we got a cab to take us there. The one-way journey cost us about 340 Baht.


The menu allows for a varied combination of Thai-American breakfast items, which is good because we wanted to try a range of their food and yet had plans to hit many other cafes and restaurants later. The breakfast as you see here cost 310 Baht, which is very affordable. The toast at On Lok Yun was outstanding, but we did not really fancy their milk tea.

On Lok Yun
 72 Charenkrung Road Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 233 9621
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0530-1600hrs

After that early breakfast, we walked over to The Old Siam, which was just a stone’s throw away, intending to do some shopping. However, when we got there, we realised that the prices were exorbitant. A couple of shops quoted as 1,890 Baht for a skirt!


Fortunately, we made some interesting finds in the food section on the first floor.


I really like this snack (35 Baht)! I have no idea what it is called, but it comes in many pretty pastel colours and is served with popiah skin. You are supposed to wrap the spun sugar with the skin and munch on it. The taste is pretty similar to Dragon’s Beard Candy.

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Khao Yai Travelogue 3: Dasada – The Flower Es’Senses Resort

Following our day exploring Khao Yai, we headed to our second hotel Dasada- The Flower Es’Senses Resort. It was about an hour by car from Hotel La Casetta by Toscana Valley. At the resort, you find yourself immersed in the lush foliage and relaxing atmosphere. It is indeed both a luxurious and revitalising experience staying there.


We reserved a Deluxe Room, which comes with a spacious bathroom, two double beds and an in room day bed. Also, waiting for us on the table was a complimentary plate of fruits!


We made it in time for their water fountain show at 7pm.


After the show, which was in Thai and lasted for about half an hour, we walked over to The Bloom restaurant for dinner. The restaurant has no relation to The Bloom by TV Pool

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Phuket Travelogue 2: Mali Chic, Number 6 Restaurant, Naka Market & More!

Location is key and I was glad that just across from Club Med Phuket was a whole stretch of restaurants, cafes, street food, spa outlets and shops. During our free time, we would hang out at one of the cafes or walk around the area.

One of our favourite hang outs was Mali Chic Restaurant, located in the newly opened Palm Square, just a stone’s throw away from the entrance of Club Med.

Friendly staff, beautiful decor, lovely ambiance with floor to ceiling windows. What is there not to like?

After our first visit, we mostly returned for drinks and ice cream. I highly recommend the mango and coconut ice cream from their homemade ice cream section. There are many flavours available but these were the most memorable ones, you can actually taste the bits of mango and richness of the coconut.

The Chocolate Tart (160 Baht = SGD$6.30), served with orange sabayon and strawberry ice cream is another must try. Presented beautifully and tasted exquisite. Definitely something you cannot find of this standard for this price in Singapore.

The meal above cost us 1729 Baht (SGD$67.70). Honestly, the Thai food was only average, but the drinks, dessert and ambiance made it ok.

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Phuket Travelogue 1: Club Med Phuket

I have finally cleared some free time and got down to blogging about my short getaway at Club Med Phuket. It was a four days three nights stay at the Kata Beach holiday resort. This is my second visit to Phuket; the first time was at Patong Beach with my clique from JC during our university years. Kata Beach, located at the south of the island, is quieter and less bustling than Patong (the main beach), and I found that I preferred that.


We had to reach the airport rather early in the morning and fortunately, we had two good friends who were willing to wake up before the sun rose to send the four of us to the airport. Sorry for the slightly blur picture!

After a two hour flight, an expedient visa on arrival and an hour taxi ride, we reached Club Med Phuket slightly before noon. It was rather easy to hail a cab from the airport, as they had a taxi counter. The fare was 900 Baht (SGD$35). We realised at the end of the trip, that transportation costs at Phuket were exorbitant.

Unlike Club Med Bali, which had a central walkway with blocks branching off it, Club Med Phuket was a long row of blocks with meandering walkways. We lost count of how many right and left turns we took to reach our block.

We got inter-connecting garden view Club Rooms, located on the top floor. The rooms were definitely bigger and nicer than the ones at Bali. We even had a balcony with deck chairs! Thus, I spent more time in my room (and also because there were lesser activities here).

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Off To Phuket!

Hi guys!

Sorry for being so lax with my posts these couple of weeks. I had been swamped with work and it was hard for me to take a breather and make time to blog. Anyway, I am going for a short getaway with some good friends at Club Med Phuket as a reward for surviving said period. I enjoyed myself so much at Club Med Bali that I decided to try the one at Phuket too. I will catch you up when I am back!

If you interested to read about my stay at Club Med Bali, you can find it here and here.