Shi Li Fang Steamboat @ Orchard Central

Steamboat is one of my favourite types of food. It is great if you are eating alone, or in a group. It is also good for rainy days, when all you want is just something hot. Furthermore, it gives me an illusion of actually cooking, which I am horrible at.

I can never resist 麻辣 (ma la), an oily and extremely spicy sauce/soup that numbs your senses. It is kind of masochistic, but the more my lips burn and my nose run, the better! It definitely helps to have ice water on the side.

My mum introduced Shi Li Fang to me, as they had a special promotion going on. There was a 50% off on all seafood and meat items all day! In addition, their set lunches are going for only $9.90 (U.P. $22) and they come with a soup base and drink of your choice!

Best of all, they have something special that I have not seen at other steamboat restaurants yet.

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