Red Barron @ Gillman Barracks

My friends and I decided to check out Red Baron after work the other day because it has been trending on Instagram lately and the place was not very far from us. The cafe is situated at Gillman Barracks, just behind the track at the old Saint Andrew’s Junior College campus, current Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). It is pretty near the main road, and you can get there by walking along the new walkway (ouside AST campus) adjacent to the track.

Most of the tables are alfresco and there are only limited seats indoors. One of the main things that will grab your attention as you enter the cafe is the huge cake chillier at the right side of the dining area.

But first, we got down to having our lunch before desserts.

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Joe & Dough @ Leisure Park Kallang (Media Tasting)

I realise that I have been frequenting Kallang Wave/ Leisure Park quite a bit recently! It does help that Circle Line makes it easier (though not shorter) to get there. I met Lirong and Vivienne for brunch at Joe & Dough at Leisure Park to try out their coffee and sandwiches.

Honestly, I have passed by a few Joe & Dough outlets but have never thought to try it because I am not a very coffee kind of person. Food blogging and Instagramming have actually opened me to more food choices than I would have tried in the past.

Did you know where the term “Joe” for coffee come from?

During the 19th century, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations, he outlawed alcohol onboard ships, except for very special occasions. Coffee then became the beverage of choice, hence the term “Cup of Joe.” (Source:

Flat White ($4.90). Joe & Dough grinds their own Arabica beans for each cup. Also, they taste their coffee regularly to ensure that quality is not compromised.

We tried almost all the sandwiches they had that day. The breads at Joe & Dough are all freshly baked with no preservatives. The breads are made in small batches and on demand to ensure freshness and quality control.

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MEDZS’ New Breakfast Menu @ Clifford Centre (Media Tasting)

MEDZS has recently introduced a new breakfast menu at their Clifford Centre outlet, which is just 100 steps away from Raffles Place MRT Station Exit A.

The new menu consists of usual breakfast favourites like scrambled eggs with sausage to easy-to-grab sandwiches for those on the go. It is catered especially to the working crowd in the area and is available from 8-11am, from Monday to Friday.

The outlet has indoor seating as well as a semi-alfresco dining area; the latter was what we opted for because it had the best natural lighting and it was a good place to people watch.

While waiting for the rest to arrive, we enjoyed the morning breeze along with our English Breakfast Tea and Peppermint Tea ($4.90 each).

First to arrive on our table were the artisan sandwiches & baguette. We had the Olives Ciabatta with Prosciutto & Veal Paprika Lyoner Ham ($12.90), Laugen Brotchen with Pork Bierschinken & Red Cheddar Cheese ($11.90), Beef Pastrami with Rustic Baguette ($12.90) and Italian Panini Bread with Tomato Capresse & Buffalo Mozzarella ($12.90).

Out of the four sandwiches, I found the olive ciabatta the most interesting. The distinctive sweet, sour and pungent flavour of the olives enhances the soft sponginess of the bread.

This Scrambled Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon came at an UNBELIEVABLE price of $5.90! While the eggs were slightly salty, it was very delicious and unanimously everyone’s favourite dish at the tasting.

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Foodology Fresh: A Gem in the CBD


There is a gem at Tanjong Pagar and it is going to be a huge hit with the office crowd during lunch time! This place caters to health-conscious and active employees who take on a holistic and healthy eating habit.

Foodology Fresh is located in The URA Centre, which is alongside the Central Business District. It is great for takeaway or a sit down meal. The revamped menu promises healthy and tasty meals at affordable prices.




You will find a wide variety of choices from vegetarian to sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free to no trans fat!

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