[New Item] RamenPlay @ BreadTalk IHQ (Media Tasting)

Did you know that RamenPlay is actually a collaboration between BreadTalk Group Limited and Sanpou Co. Ltd which is founded in 1967 in Kamikido Niigata? Sanpou Co. Limited has decades of experience under its belt and is famous for its quality ramen.

The broth here is prepared daily by Sanpou’s master chefs with top grade quality ingredients and a secret recipe of spices. As for its rice dishes, they are made with premium Niigata Koshihikari rice.

We were here to try RamenPlay’s new Shabu Shabu sets which are priced from $13.90. The sets are currently only available at four of their restaurants: BreadTalk IHQ (from 5pm onwards), Nex, JEM and Velocity @ Novena Square.

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[New Items] Shin-Sapporo Ramen @ Orchard Gateway (Media Tasting)

I am always up for a good bowl of ramen! A combination of two things I really like–noodles and soup. So when I received an invitation to try the new black garlic ramen at Shin-Sapporo Ramen, I did not even hesitate.

Shin-Sapporo promises consistency in the smoothness of broth, texture of noodles and richness in Japanese tradition. The chain has three outlets in Singapore, namely Orchard Gateway, Alexandra Retail Centre and Century Square. We had our dinner at the Orchard Gateway branch which is their newest restaurant (opened in 2014).

While waiting for the rest to arrive, I had the Calpis Jelly ($4.80). The drink is light, milky and tasted kind of similar to Yakult. The little bits of jelly reminded me of agar agar!

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The Kurobuta at Chabuton 313@Somerset (Media Tasting)

Believe it or not, but even after all that hype about Chabuton, this is my first visit there. I was glad to be able to finally try the famous ramen by the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen Chef Yasuji Morizumi.

The highlight of our visit was The Kurobuta ($18.90), which is available for a limited time only, from now till 31 March 2015.

While waiting for our ramen to be served, we tried the Hitokuchi Gyoza (8 pieces for $5) and Ika Karaage ($5). Both appetisers were rather oily. Mum, who was my plus one for the evening, preferred the fried squid at Sushi Tei.

And now for the main reason for our visit to Chabuton… The Kurobuta!

The ramen comes with two layers of soup. Their signature tonkotsu soup at the bottom and chicken collagen soup on the top. It is recommended not to stir the soup and drink the chicken collagen soup first. Besides, there is no need for stirring because as you eat your noodles, the soup will be mixed gradually.

The ramen is also served with a slice of Kurobuta pork, which is beautifully marbled and very tender. The noodles were too much for us, but we made sure we finished the soup!

Chabuton 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road, #B2-01
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6636 8335
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-2200hrs.

Sanpoutei Ramen @ Holland Village


[This post is really dated. Sorry!]

Ramen has always been one of my favourite types of noodles. And of course, the thick broth and flavourful soft-boiled eggs do not hurt too! Naturally, seeing that Sanpoutei Ramen has replaced Ramen Play at Holland Village some time back, I decided to check it out with my good friend.



The ramen at Sanpoutei is freshly made with the noodle making machine on location (in between the kitchen and entrance). Also, the restaurant uses specially manufactured “keep warm” bowls produced in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, which is famous for producing metal products.


I ordered the Rich Tori Spicy Miso ($17), while my friend ordered Ramen with Soup Tonkotsu with Special Full-topping ($18.80).

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Ramen Keisuke Tori King: One for Chicken Lovers


While I love ramen, it is not that easy for me to convince my family to eat ramen. My dad thinks eating ramen is equivalent to eating instant noodles–a waste of money. My sis thinks pigs are cute, so that rules out almost all good ramen places as it is common for the soup base to be pork. However, there is a solution for my sis. There is a good chicken ramen place in town!


Ramen Keisuke Tori King is founded by Keisuke Takeda, who started his career as a chef with a French restaurant. After 12 years, he moved on to fine-tune his culinary skills in Japanese cuisine, notably on ramen. Soon, his popularity expanded beyond Japan and in 2010 he opened his first overseas outlet–Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo–in Singapore.

You would have probably heard of Tonkotsu King, one of his ramen concept restaurants in Singapore. His innovative ramen creations have made his chain one of the more highly regarded ones in Singapore. His Tonkotsu Ramen Special won the top spot as the Critics’ Choice in Timeout Singapore’s Best Ramen Bowl.




There was a queue when we got there, but since it was just sis and me, we manage to skip it and got ourselves a seat. If you come in groups of three or four, you might have to wait. By the way, the dining area is pretty tiny, with just a bar top, a huge table in the middle and a couple of tables for four against the wall.

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