SET Contemporary Cuisine @ PoMo


Dining has not been the same for me ever since one of my all- time favourite restaurants, Dozo, closed its doors. Since then, I have not patronised any restaurant with such a concept, which is to pay a certain amount for a fix number of courses with different choices for each course. (Yes, many would recommend The Clan, but I have always felt and still feel that it is a copycat of Dozo.)

So, I was pleased to read that there is a restaurant in town which offers something similar. SET offers cheaper sets compared to Dozo (about $10 lesser), and instead of Japanese fusion, the food here has more of a Chinese twist to it.




The interior of the restaurant is modern and spacious. It is good for gatherings and even private parties, as it has a few private rooms available. In addition, you will be offered a warm welcome from the moment you step into the restaurant, for me it was a little too enthusiastic.

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