Decorating Character Homemade Cookies: Tiger And Panda

This is the second time sis and I tried our hand at decorating cookies, and I am pretty satisfied with the results! We were inspired by the tiger and panda cookies from Decorating Cookies: 60+ Designs for Holidays, Celebrations & Everyday by Bridget Edwards.

Sis made vanilla sugar cookies the day before, and I mixed the coloursĀ for the royal icing. We only needed three colours which were black, white and orange. In addition to that, we used toothpicks (to help spread the icing), three icing bags and icing tips #1 and #2.
After we had outlined the shapes, we flooded it with the respective colours. The whites were more even as we realised that the orange parts were lumpy due to the thicker consistency and we watered down the white royal icing.

And these are the cookies after they have dried overnight!