[Newly Opened] Masizzim Hits Singapore at 313@Somerset (Media Tasting)

The people behind Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory have brought another interesting Korean restaurant called Masizzim to Singapore! The word ‘Masizzim’ (pronounced as ma-see-zim) is an amalgamation of the Korean words masi (delicious) and jjim (stew). This restaurant located right next to Chir Chir serves a medley of traditional and modern Korean dishes and specialises in stew.

We started with a Sikhye Jar ($9.50 for 660ml) at each table. This traditional Korean beverage is brewed in-house with malt barley and rice. This does help to ease the fire from the spicy stew.

The ban-chan (Korean side dishes) here is quite limited, probably because it serves more as an appetiser and is not the main focus of the meal. We had a side salad, radish and potato salad.

Next, we donned our plastic gloves and started mixing and shaping!

The DIY Rice Balls ($8). The medium-grain white rice, Korean black rice, barley, seaweed crumbs and crushed chilli padi bowl comes with a choice of Tuna (with mayonnaise and fried kimchi) or Anchovy. This is a really fun dish and one of the better ones we tried.

I preferred the Anchovy one as the fried anchovies were crunchy and lent an added texture to the rice, and it was easy to mould. Also, I am personally not a fan of tuna and found the rice balls a bit too moist for my liking.

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All Day Breakfast at Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery


I read that the newly revamped Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery would open its doors on 30 October, so I made a reservation for two on Saturday (yes, they take reservations now).  Fortunately I called ahead because others who came around the same time as me had to wait for about an hour!


Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery now has a funky ordering ipad seating system, which allows you to leave your name and contact number, and they will contact you when your table is ready. That is really good because you get to walk around instead of wasting your time sitting there, waiting for your table. The system also allows you to see how long the waiting time is before you put in your particulars.


They have shifted to the corner unit, from #03-02 to #03-01. It is comparably more spacious than the original outlet. If you have not gone there, you may expect to see many tables with cosy seats and a long wooden table in the middle of the cafe.


Other than the new interior, you will find new items on the menu as well! I could not resist ordering something from the ‘Sweet’ section.

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Full Day Out: Carnivore Appetite, Lady M & Cedele


This was probably the first weekend in a long time that I managed to spend the whole day out without having to think about work. I first went to Takashimaya to do some shopping, then Marina Square for lunch and movie, and lastly Great World City for dinner. It felt really good not having to do work on a weekend.

After Takashimaya, we went to Carnivore Appetite for a buffet lunch. The concept is similar to the actual Carnivore, except this was a definitely more affordable one at $24.90++, but the quality was also reflected in the price difference.


This is interesting because I expected to pay before entering (like Seoul Garden) as there was a cashier at the entrance and it was a fixed price meal, but it was not the case.



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