First Soft Rebonding Experience @ Aventa Hair Salon

I straightened my hair! This is the first time in my whole life having semi-permanent straight hair. I have been blessed with natural waves which many people mistake for permed hair. It is not hard to understand why because my hair is straight at the top and then it starts curling around shoulder level. I had tried cutting my hair short and the same miraculous thing would occur: straight and then when it reaches my shoulder, it starts curling.

Here are some photos of me dating from five years back:

And so, I decided to have a change, even though many of my relatives and friends were against it!

Knowing that I wanted to straighten my hair, I started looking out for deals featuring rebonding or straightening, and came across this deal on J Passport, which is a site and app that showcases various Japanese services and products, ranging from food to beauty, in Singapore. This is not an advertisement! I personally love to check out deals on J Passport once it a while because they are rather good!

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