Japan Travelogue: A Short Trip to Sendai and Tokyo

I went to Japan for about a week at the end of October, specifically to Sendai and Tokyo, for work. It was a rare opportunity that I got to travel during Autumn! We flew into Narita Airport, then took a domestic flight to Sendai, which was cooler than Tokyo.


Sendai is one of Japan’s biggest cities, and it is famous for its beef tongue, Samurai history as well as being the City of Trees.


We got to make our own soba and had it for lunch!


Other than awesome Kit Kat flavours, I love to check out Haagen Dazs in Japan too!

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I’m off to Japan and Taiwan!


Hi guys! I am off to Japan and Taiwan for about three weeks. The areas I will be concentrating on are mainly Tokyo, Hokkaido and Taipei. I will blog about my trip only after I’m back (so that I can enjoy myself fully and experience these beautiful places). However, I hope that you will join me on my journey by following me on my Instagram account (@qiuuing) for up to date information.

By the way, my blog will still be up and running during this period of time as I have a few interesting posts scheduled for you while I am away. Have fun reading!