Finland Travelogue 3: Santa Claus Village, Snowman World & Arktikum


A break from all the food posts! Here is a continuation of my holiday at Finland.

On our final day in Rovaniemi, we made our way to Santa Claus Village and Snowman World. The village was not what I expected. I thought that the staff would be wearing elf costumes and there would be festive colours every where. It was mainly log cabins housing many souvenirs shops.

The only thing worth going was Santa Claus’ Main Post Office, where you can send a postcard with a Santa Claus Village postmark. Unless you have little children, I would not recommend queuing to see Santa Claus.


The blue line indicates the boundary of the Arctic Circle. These two pictures were taken before and after my visit to Santa Claus.


Thankfully, there was Arctice aka Snowman World within the same compound!  For 18 Euro, you get unlimited access to Snowman World activities, Igloo Hotel, Ice Gallery, Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar, and the ticket is good for all whole day! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Very cool experience. Literally.




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