Full Day Out: Carnivore Appetite, Lady M & Cedele


This was probably the first weekend in a long time that I managed to spend the whole day out without having to think about work. I first went to Takashimaya to do some shopping, then Marina Square for lunch and movie, and lastly Great World City for dinner. It felt really good not having to do work on a weekend.

After Takashimaya, we went to Carnivore Appetite for a buffet lunch. The concept is similar to the actual Carnivore, except this was a definitely more affordable one at $24.90++, but the quality was also reflected in the price difference.


This is interesting because I expected to pay before entering (like Seoul Garden) as there was a cashier at the entrance and it was a fixed price meal, but it was not the case.



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The Lawn Cafe


I have returned to The Lawn Cafe, not once, but twice since my first visit. It has quickly become a huge hit with my family due to its proximity, affordability and healthy eating factor. I know that when we go there for lunch or dinner, my mum has no need to nag at us about fulfilling our daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

So here are some of things we have tried…


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