[New Extension] The Tuckshop & The Recess @ Guillemard Road

Thanks to Burpple, I got to experience dining in The Tuckshop’s new extension, delightfully named The Recess. The Tuckshop is not new to the dining scene in Singapore, having opened about two years back. However, they have recently bought over the space next door (401 Guillemard Road) and transformed it into a social space for private events and consignment shops.

The space is actually versatile, so if you would like to use it to conduct workshops instead, it can be configured to suit your needs. Also, food and beverages can be catered from The Tuckshop.

Kiwi Pisang Smoothie ($7.50). The drink is not cheap and not many people I know would pay $7.50 for a small glass of smoothie, but I think we have to take into consideration that the cost price of ingredients is quite high.

Citrus Infused Water ($7), comes with lemon, orange and lime. Other Infused Water flavours are Cucumber Mint and Orange Mint. I would prefer if they had a still option instead of sparkling.

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