Greece Travelogue 6: Mykonos Island


The last of my travels to Greece… Mykonos Island. We departed after breakfast at Crepe House which was along the main street. There are many savoury and sweet crepes to choose from.


I had the cheesecake crepe, which came with lots of cream cheese and crumble. I felt they could do more about sprucing up the crepes, but they tasted pretty good.




It was a busy day at the port. We took the Cosmote High Speed 5 ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. For one thing, this supposedly speedy ferry was late. Also, it was extremely dirty. Imagine menstruation stains on seats and rubbish everywhere. We had to put plastic bags on our seats.ABSOLUTELY GROSSED OUT!

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Greece Travelogue 5: Finding out More about Santorini


And after all the food posts, it is back to Greece. Do not worry, it is just this and Mykonos left and we are done! I am also glad to finish blogging about Greece, did not know it took such a long time. Where did we leave off the last time?

I believe we had just arrived at Santorini the day before and booked a day tour on the island. We went for breakfast a minute’s walk away from our hotel at Corner Cafe. As usual, meals here, inclusive of breakfast, are pricey.



My set of scrambled eggs and bacon, together with fresh orange juice cost 7.50 euro. Considering the serving size, it was worth the money compared to some of the other meals I had.

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Greece Travelogue 4: Beautiful Santorini


Lo and behold! Check out our ferry to Santorini!

Yes, imagine Superstar Virgo, multiple decks and all, with a souvenir shop, fast food restaurant, cafe and cushy seats! We simply could not believe this was our ferry. We totally imagined those rustic ferries that we take to Batam. What a pleasant surprise!


We had to wake up at 4.50am to reach the port at 6.25am for boarding. It was a seven hour cruise with a few stops at the other islands, but time did not seem long when you are enjoying yourself!

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Greece Travelogue 2: The Journey from Olympia to Delphi


After a not-very-restful night of sleep (still not used to the timezone), we checked out of the hotel and went to see the famed Olympia archaeological site.

I would not really recommend the site if you do not have a guide. As it was, it was hard to envision how it used to be like with the explanation from the guide and the ruins that were left. That aside, the area was vast and good for taking snapshots.



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Greece Travelogue 1: Venturing out from Athens


Sorry for neglecting my blog! I must admit that I have been lazy and procrastinated when it came to sorting out the pictures and editing them. However, here is the first edition of my Greece trip.

The first few days of the trip were quite eventful. That was because we had a 24 hour journey to Greece, with two stopovers, one of which was eight hours! And then, it was raining the first day we set off and we kept our umbrellas in our suitcases, which were stored under the bus. And so, here are the pictures…


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I’m in Greece!




Just a short post from me! Hello everyone! I reached Delphi last night and it is beautiful! This is the view from my balcony. Initially the hotel was just alright and we thought that was it until we opened the windows and stepped out onto the balcony. Totally blown away by the view!