Bali Travelogue 2: Sun, Sand and Sea at Club Med Bali

After having a happening afternoon at Waterbom, it was all the fun and activities at Club Med Bali for the next three days. Basically, when you stay at any Club Med, you do not have to go out of the resort because the resort is like a self-sustaining village where everything is included in the amount that you have paid (which explains why it is not exactly cheap to stay there). Everything from food to gym classes to facilities, you name it, it is free, even alcoholic drinks!

Below are some of activities offered at Club Med Bali that we partook in. Do note that these were done over the course of three days.

I woke up early in the morning, around 5.30am when it was still dark outside, to catch the sunrise. However, the direction of the beach seems more suitable for sunsets, as I managed to see the sky brightening up but did not manage to catch the sun.

Along the long corridor which runs adjacent to all the blocks, is the golf course. At certain times of the day, there will be groups of people putting on the green. On the opposite side of the corridor, is a pond in front of the blocks, where you can see wildlife like the Great Egret and Water Monitors.

At breakfast, squirrels are more pest than friend. These daring/ annoying little buggers are very active in the morning and will try to scramble onto your table when you are not paying attention to steal your food. Of course, some of the children were fascinated by them and tried to feed them. If you are afraid of squirrels or would rather eat your breakfast in peace, I suggest you choose a table inside.

Tennis was one of the activities that we enjoyed and tried more than once as Charlotte, our instructor who is as fluent in french as she is skillful in tennis, is an awesome instructor. Sis and I are amateurs and she was patient with us and even in a medium-sized group setting, was still able to give us pointers individually.

Archery for beginners is in the morning. We arrived about five minutes early and managed to get a slot. Those who came on the dot or slightly late had to wait for us to be done before they could try their hand at it. I cannot say that I was a fair shot after the session, but it was pretty fun.

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Foodology Fresh: A Gem in the CBD


There is a gem at Tanjong Pagar and it is going to be a huge hit with the office crowd during lunch time! This place caters to health-conscious and active employees who take on a holistic and healthy eating habit.

Foodology Fresh is located in The URA Centre, which is alongside the Central Business District. It is great for takeaway or a sit down meal. The revamped menu promises healthy and tasty meals at affordable prices.




You will find a wide variety of choices from vegetarian to sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free to no trans fat!

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Introducing The New Market Place at Raffles City!


Did you know that Market Place at Raffles City has gone through a revamp? It is now more spacious and luminous! Besides that, they have also included new sections like ‘Food of the World’ and ‘Food to Go’. Each section is now clearly labelled with huge signages so you can find your items easily!


The moment you walk into the supermarket you cannot help but notice the range of fruits they have there. Other than the usual tropical fruits, they also bring in seasonal ones like these melons from Hokkaido.



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Common Man Coffee Roasters & Fat Boy’s


Last Saturday, we made a trip down to Robertson Quay just to try Toby’s Estate, however they were sold out before 1pm! We were told to return at 3pm after the kitchen replenished their stock. Hungry us, we were not willing to wait, hence we headed to another popular hangout, Common Man Coffee Roasters.



Even though it was after lunch, the atmosphere of the place was very lively and every table was filled.


I had the Organic Eggs Benedict($24). I think I took too long to take pictures, so my dish was all mushy. It was an interesting idea to include braised ox cheeks, but it can be quite heavy if you intend to order this for breakfast.


I loved my hot chocolate ($6)!

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Hong Kong Travelogue: Just Food


I went to Hong Kong last week with my sis and other than going food hunting, I also got to meet up with a few of my Hong Kong Instagram friends like Ivan, Minnie and Bonnie. Four days and three nights went by in a flash.

Here are some pictures to sum up my trip:


Sis and I on the Airport Express. It is a quick and convenient way of getting to the city centre.


Lunch at Capital City. I felt that their eggs are better than Australian Diary Company.


One of our favourite hangout places, Passion by Gerald Dubois. Look at the selection of desserts available!

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Lunch at { croute }


Sis and I headed to Valley Point, which was popular with my family because we love Dozo and often had birthday celebrations there (missing it already, still cannot believe that they have closed their doors), as well as Absolute Yoga for hot yoga sessions. However, this time around, our visit was for a different reason. We went there just to try Croute.

Initially we had kept wondering where the outlet was based on the unit number but we worried for naught! The storefront is so striking that you cannot help but notice it from the entrance of the mall. Also, Croute spans two shop spaces and it is roomy.



When we asked the staff what was good, he did not offer anything constructive, simply stating that “everything is good here.” I detest overconfidence in restaurants, unless they are able to deliver and it was not very helpful of him to make sweeping statements like that.

For your information, they have many specials which are not on their menu, so you might want to check with them before placing your order at the counter.

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High Tea at the Rose Veranda, Shangri-La Hotel


Sis introduced a new place for high tea to me! It is none other than Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Hotel. We did not really choose an appropriate time to go as they were having the Shangri-La Dialogue there during that period. Hence, the security was really tight and there were many dignitaries around. However, we got a good deal and I will tell how you can get it too!


The Rose Veranda is located on the second floor, which is easily accessible through their huge winding staircase or via the lift. It is very spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows, affording guests a view of the lush greenery outside.




The place mat and setting provided were very dainty. I simply adored the little floral prints on the napkins, cups and saucers.

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