Finland Travelogue 4: Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village


It was only as I was packing for my trip to Japan and Taiwan that I remembered that I had not finished blogging about Finland. And so, here it is!

This was from my Finland trip back in December last year. During my holiday in Finland, I got to stay in a glass igloo at Kakslauttanen Hotel & Igloo Village. Other than it just being a whole new experience, our main aim was to see the Northern Lights through the glass ceiling.



Snow was falling continuously as you can see from the freshly deposited snow around the igloo.

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Finland Travelogue 3: Santa Claus Village, Snowman World & Arktikum


A break from all the food posts! Here is a continuation of my holiday at Finland.

On our final day in Rovaniemi, we made our way to Santa Claus Village and Snowman World. The village was not what I expected. I thought that the staff would be wearing elf costumes and there would be festive colours every where. It was mainly log cabins housing many souvenirs shops.

The only thing worth going was Santa Claus’ Main Post Office, where you can send a postcard with a Santa Claus Village postmark. Unless you have little children, I would not recommend queuing to see Santa Claus.


The blue line indicates the boundary of the Arctic Circle. These two pictures were taken before and after my visit to Santa Claus.


Thankfully, there was Arctice aka Snowman World within the same compound!  For 18 Euro, you get unlimited access to Snowman World activities, Igloo Hotel, Ice Gallery, Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar, and the ticket is good for all whole day! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Very cool experience. Literally.




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Finland Travelogue 2: Rovaniemi Wild Arctic Adventures


We woke up bright and early for our winter adventures! Since daylight was short (about five hours) and we had plenty of activities (snowmobile, husky sledge ride, reindeer farm and ice fishing) planned for the day, we were raring to go after a quick breakfast.


We headed to Safartica, an agent specialising in safari packages. It was just down the block from our hotel. What I liked about Safartica was that the guides were friendly and professional. They made sure all safety measures were adhered to and also provided us with interesting facts about Rovaniemi and Lapland throughout the day, like the fact that Rovaniemi has EIGHT seasons!

seasons in rovaniemiBefore moving off from their main office, we had to suit up! We exchanged our down jackets and boots for this waterproof thermal suit and hardy waterproof boots, which kept us warm and dry the whole day.

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Finland Travelogue 1: Ranua Wildlife Park & Food in Rovaniemi


After flying for about 15 hours from Singapore to Helsinki, Finland, we took a domestic flight to Rovaniemi and that took another hour or so. Needless to say, despite being exhausted from the long flights, I was very excited at what was in store for us!

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, which is the hub for all the winter and arctic adventures. It is like a centre and you can use it as a base while venturing out for the various activities.



It was rather late when we arrived at the very small airport at Rovaniemi. There was light snowfall, which made it feel like a Winter Wonderland.

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