Fart Tartz Now Has An Outlet at Chinatown!

I am so happy that Fart Tartz has expanded and now has an outlet which is more centralised! The cafe’s flagship outlet is at Singapore Expo, which is too far east of Singapore for most of us. Now, people will be delighted to know that we do not have to travel all the way to the end of the East-West Line because there is an outlet at South Bridge Road!


It was really hot, so we started off with two types of refreshing Icy-Blend in large size. Fresh Watermelon Freeze and Lychee Lemongrass Freeze ($16.90 each). The serving size is good for three to four. I preferred the more conventional watermelon ice blended, but I must admit the lemongrass one was something special. It tasted a bit of lemon and ginger, but with bits of lychee.


Initially when I saw the words “Bird Nest Bruschetta”, I was thinking along the lines of the Chinese delicacy. However, this appetiser comprises of six crunch yam nests, topped with herbs, tomatoes, garlic, onions, olive oil and shrimps. Really worth the $9.90!


Baguette Balls ($9.50). Six miniature baguette balls filled with creamy minced chicken and mushrooms, topped with melted cheese. To be honest, I could not really taste any chicken, it was more like a thickened cream of mushroom soup.

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All Things Black And White at Monochrome Bistro @ South Bridge Road (Media Tasting)

Love black and white colour schemes or wish to have a meal in a black and white restaurant? Then, you should try Monochrome Bistro along South Bridge Road. The bold yet classy decor of the bistro was carefully selected by the owners and you cannot help but be drawn to the exterior as you are walking along the pathway outside.

The Bonding ($16). A basket full of goodness, comprising of three types of wings: Honey Oat, Chilli Crab and Favourite House Wings. Imagine crispy marinated mid-wings coated with honey and oats, or chilli crab sauce or Thai sweet chilli! So delicious! If you love chicken wings, you have to try this!

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Beautiful Plated Desserts at Art Art And Away @ Tessensohn Road (Media Tasting)

Art Art And Away, a decorative art retail store and dessert cafe, is located a few minutes’ walk down the street from Farrer Park MRT Station Exit B. The shophouse was relatively easy to find and just a couple of shops from its sister restaurant Hungry Heroes. Similar to the hero-themed shop where the owner’s extensive collection of memorabilia fill the walls, Art Art And Away also has a fun and quirky interior, but teeming with colourful pop art pieces instead.

The food seems to mirror the bright and unique decor as the playful element was also injected into the menu. As you can see from the colourful and eye-catching menu above, Art Art And Away serves a variety of specialty coffee, gourmet tea, cakes, pastries and signature local desserts with a contemporary twist.

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[Newly Opened] Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar @ Faber

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar, a month old Japanese restaurant, is located at Faber Drive, next to Buck Tile St. Cafe. The range of items available on the menu is quite wide, with everything from fresh seasonal sashimi air-flown from Japan to noodles and tempura. Also, Chef Kikuchi has a special blackboard where he updates it with weekly specials.

Sashimi Salad ($14), served with nori (seaweed) and wasabi, is a chef’s recommendation. This mixed sashimi salad, is deceptive because the fresh sashimi is buried under all the greens! It was only when we tossed it that we realised how much sashimi there was! This made me wish that there were more greens to even it out a little (this is a good “complaint”).

Sashimi Platter ($50), featuring six kinds of sashimi. The sashimi is indeed fresh and nicely presented, just that it was not as thickly cut as some other Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

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Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar @ Tanglin Road

This was not my first visit to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar. I actually like how the place is hidden at the back of Tanglin Post Office and seem to be like a secret cafe (the only incongruency with that idea is the expensive cars parked in front of it). There are a few tables outside if you choose to dine al fresco but I prefer to sit inside in this hot and humid weather.

There are plenty of tables to choose from, both high and low. Also, the floor to ceiling window offers great lighting no matter where you are sitting.

Smoked Salmon Salad ($16). Mixed greens, avocado and eggs, served with a flambeed mirin dressing. If you find the toppings of the salad insufficient, you may choose to add bacon or grilled chicken to any salad for an additional $6. Honestly, the portion was filling and enough for one.

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Authentic Portuguese Restaurant BOCA @ Bukit Pasoh Street (Media Tasting)

BOCA opened in January 2015 and is probably the first authentic Portuguese restaurant here in Singapore. The restaurant is owned by a group of Portuguese and helmed by two young (and good-looking) Portuguese chefs Luca and Francisco. The two chefs who had graduated from the renowned Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies in Lisbon, Portugal, have 10 years of cooking experience under their belts. Thus, you can expect truly classic and home-style Portuguese dishes here.

BOCA is nestled in a three-storey shophouse and each of the floors has their own names and “characters”. The first floor features bar seating by the open kitchen and is called Pesticos which means ‘small bites’. The second floor is the main dining area and its called BOCA, which means ‘mouth’. The top floor is still undergoing renovations but it is meant to be a wine cellar and it is called Adega. As the name suggests, we dined on the second floor, but the lighting was so much better on the first floor.

The first thing you will notice about the interior are the ceramic black swallows adorning the walls. There are a total of 700 of these birds and they are famous for their migratory journey to Portugal every spring where they nest with their life-long companions. The decor of this restaurant was carefully curated and many of the fixtures were specially imported from Portugal.

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