Rainbow colours

Took a break and went to pamper my feet at Cutie Cuticle for some loving. My toes had been awfully naked for a month and I couldn’t stand it any longer. They seem to be asking for some colour. And so I went to the extreme and got myself this bright pastel yellow with rainbow colored polka dots.




Ta da! The end product looks mightily fine to me. Went really well with the slippers I borrowed from a friend since I have no slippers at work. Looking at them makes me happy!

Catching up at NYDC

Before starting on my post proper, I just want to showcase my lovely nails done at cutie cuticle. Got them in a lovely shade of sky blue with cute bunny nail art and paw prints.
Simply dying in cuteness. The nail art only cost me an additional $9 for the big toes and the lovely lady did the rest for free!
And now for dinner just now. Met aunt for dinner at Al Hamra at Holland Village before moving on to NYDC for desserts. Super full. Feel like my stomach’s going to burst anytime soon and my stupid sister still made me finish the cake.



We had red velvet cake which was served warm and high and mighty 24 layered chocolate cake. Both were delicious.