Joe & Dough @ Leisure Park Kallang (Media Tasting)

I realise that I have been frequenting Kallang Wave/ Leisure Park quite a bit recently! It does help that Circle Line makes it easier (though not shorter) to get there. I met Lirong and Vivienne for brunch at Joe & Dough at Leisure Park to try out their coffee and sandwiches.

Honestly, I have passed by a few Joe & Dough outlets but have never thought to try it because I am not a very coffee kind of person. Food blogging and Instagramming have actually opened me to more food choices than I would have tried in the past.

Did you know where the term “Joe” for coffee come from?

During the 19th century, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations, he outlawed alcohol onboard ships, except for very special occasions. Coffee then became the beverage of choice, hence the term “Cup of Joe.” (Source:

Flat White ($4.90). Joe & Dough grinds their own Arabica beans for each cup. Also, they taste their coffee regularly to ensure that quality is not compromised.

We tried almost all the sandwiches they had that day. The breads at Joe & Dough are all freshly baked with no preservatives. The breads are made in small batches and on demand to ensure freshness and quality control.

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[Newly Opened] Coffee Nowhere @ West Coast Plaza


I was dining at Pastamania with my parents at West Coast Plaza, when I looked down and a newly opened cafe at the basement caught my eye. The signage was simple in a white serif font, stark against the black background. Coffee Nowhere, a Malaysia-based cafe has opened another outlet in the west (its flagship store is at Rochester Park).





I really loved the chic black and white theme which was made the whole interior very clean and timeless.

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Coffee Appreciation Workshop at Revolution Coffee


I know nuts about coffee, which is why I signed up for a Coffee Appreciation Workshop by Revolution Coffee. This coffee joint is right in my neighbourhood and I had visited it before (not for the coffee, but for the pancakes). The workshop spanned about 2.5 hours and it was really very educational. I do not claim to be an expert, but I did learn something about the technique and brewing process behind a good cup of coffee.



The owner, Ajie, first showed us some of the ways which we can brew coffee at home without any professional equipment. There are a few factors which we need to take into consideration when brewing a cup of coffee like water to coffee ratio, water temperature, steeping time, etc.

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Lunch at { croute }


Sis and I headed to Valley Point, which was popular with my family because we love Dozo and often had birthday celebrations there (missing it already, still cannot believe that they have closed their doors), as well as Absolute Yoga for hot yoga sessions. However, this time around, our visit was for a different reason. We went there just to try Croute.

Initially we had kept wondering where the outlet was based on the unit number but we worried for naught! The storefront is so striking that you cannot help but notice it from the entrance of the mall. Also, Croute spans two shop spaces and it is roomy.



When we asked the staff what was good, he did not offer anything constructive, simply stating that “everything is good here.” I detest overconfidence in restaurants, unless they are able to deliver and it was not very helpful of him to make sweeping statements like that.

For your information, they have many specials which are not on their menu, so you might want to check with them before placing your order at the counter.

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Dim sum and coffee

Ivy came back from England for a month and we managed to catch up during lunch today at Red Star. It’s a traditional dim sum restaurant which still utilises trolleys and stamp cards. Rare find in Singapore nowadays when people honour efficiency over tradition. Felt like I was having dim sum in Hong Kong. The restaurant is situated on top of a multi storey carpark at Chin Swee Road.

When we first got there, the restaurant was already packed but we still managed to get a seat quickly. The people who came later weren’t so lucky and the queue extended all the way out of the restaurant and down the stairs.

The egg tart was fantastic and freshly out of the oven. Rich custard filling in a buttery puff pastry. Yum!

The spare ribs were good too. Another dim sum must have. Tender and succulent and in bite sized pieces.

The Phoenix chicken was strongly recommended by the waitress as their signature dish which was more famous than their egg tarts. I found it average only.

I had to try their bo luo custard bun. However after being pampered with all the molten custard buns, this did not do it for me.

We also had the siew mai which is minced pork wrapped in dough.

The dessert we had was one of my favourite dish there but I dare say many westerners would find it revolting–durian crepe!

After lunch we headed to Dempsey Road to hang out and catch up over coffee. One of the best cafes to do that is Jones the Grocer.



Siyu had coffee which came in their speciality cups.

I had the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake. It wasn’t anything to brag about but definitely a good drink on a humid day.

We took some Polaroids using Siyu’s camera and Hello Kitty film!

MeatWorks and The Avengers

How did I celebrate my Labour Day eve? Of course, by staying out late and making full use of the fact that I do not have to wake up early the next day!

Ivy, Huda, Ahmad and I went to Ion Orchard for dinner. There’s a grill place on the fourth floor, MeatWorks, which serves halal meat. According to my Muslim friends, the restaurant is not certified halal but the cut of meats are.






We ordered the cheese platter. Everything was fine. The fruits cleansed our palette. However, I cannot stand the taste of blue cheese. Boy it was strong.


The coffee was good there. The browns of the drink was extremely pretty and hypnotising.




Next, the meats. I had the braised short ribs. The tomato sauce was thick and flavorful and the meat was very tender.


I think I look maniacal in the picture above. My friends said I look carnivorous when I eat steak. Guess that was pretty condemning evidence.

They had the pasta and other cuts of meat like the sirloin and striploin. Both steaks were great, perfectly done medium.




After dinner, we took an hour long train ride to a cinema nearer home to catch a midnight movie, The Avengers.

Picture from

If you have not caught it, you should. The movie is funny and heart-pumping. Ironman was hilarious, Captain America was pure eye candy, Thor had a delicious accent and Black Widow was scarily sexy. That is the kind of movie you will want to watch more than once.