Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar Celebrates First Anniversary with A New Menu


Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar is not a new cafe, having been established a year ago. The cafe located along the same stretch as the famous Fong Seng Nasi Lemak, next to The National University of Singapore, has recently celebrated their first anniversary and decided to revamp their menu.


Passionfruit Mint Tea ($6.20). My mum really liked this drink which comes with one half of a passionfruit on top. The drink is made with fresh passionfruit and they were really generous with the ingredients.


Ultraviolet Floral Cooler ($6.20). Some of you might not be new to this colour changing soda. It was originally blue in the picture above, but as soon as I dropped the shooter glass of lemon juice, it magically turned purple.

This colour transformation is caused by combination of butterfly pea or blue pea flower with the lemon juice. The flower is commonly used as dye in Nonya kuehs. It is also a pH indicator (remembering Chemistry during secondary school days) and will change colour after some acid is added.

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A Guide to Cafes and Restaurants at 321 Clementi

So glad to have more dining options in the West and now that almost all the shops at 321 Clementi have been opened, it is high time to try the food that they have to offer. This list is accurate as of 19 July 2015 and pictures are taken with iPhone 6.

The cafes/ restaurants:

  1. Kowloon Express (#01-01)
  2. Doi Chaang Coffee (#01-02)
  3. Toasties (#01-10/11)
  4. Sakae Sushi (#01-12)
  5. Wimi (#01-13)
  6. Tea Tozz (#02-01)
  7. Beesket (#02-03)
  8. Saizeriya (#02-05/06/07)
  9. Charcoal Thai (#02-08)
  10. Vons Chicken (#02-09)
  11. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (#02-10)
  12. Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (#03-02)

The list above is arranged by level.


This restaurant, which was launched in 2014, prides itself as Singapore’s only halal dim sum specialist. In addition to this outlet, they have another one at Chinatown Point. According to them, their Salted Egg Custard Pau is not to be missed.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 1000-1530hrs and 1730-2200hrs
Closed on Mondays.
Tel: 9389 5769


Doi Chaang coffee originates from a small village in the mountainous region of Chang Rai province of Northern Thailand. After the eradication of opium crops in 1983, the farmers were presented with the highest quality Arabica coffee plants to grow. Together with the climate, soil composition and geographical location, this has resulted in premium and organic Arabica coffee.

While Doi Chaang specialises in coffee, the range of its mille crepe cake is extensive and rather astounding! They have interesting flavours like Tiramisu, Raspberry Yoghurt and Hokkaido Milk.

Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1000-2200hrs
Tel: 8161 8621

3. TOASTIES (#01-10/11)

Another certified halal dining option available for Muslim friends! Toasties bakes their bread in house daily, ensuring a fresh supply. The premium sandwiches are something different from the usual kind, with options like Yakitori, Chicken Katsu and Beef Pastrami. Other than sandwiches, the cafe also serves pizzas, soup and drumlets.

The concept is very similar to Subway, where you choose a type of bread (premium, crunchy, honey oats and parmesan oregano) and the topping that you would like. In terms of vegetables, same choices as Subway but less generous in the amount given. Other than the Sriracha and Sweet Spicy Mango sauces, the rest are pretty standard.

Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1100-2200hrs
Tel: 6786 8336 (Tampines Outlet)

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[Newly Opened] Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar @ Faber

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar, a month old Japanese restaurant, is located at Faber Drive, next to Buck Tile St. Cafe. The range of items available on the menu is quite wide, with everything from fresh seasonal sashimi air-flown from Japan to noodles and tempura. Also, Chef Kikuchi has a special blackboard where he updates it with weekly specials.

Sashimi Salad ($14), served with nori (seaweed) and wasabi, is a chef’s recommendation. This mixed sashimi salad, is deceptive because the fresh sashimi is buried under all the greens! It was only when we tossed it that we realised how much sashimi there was! This made me wish that there were more greens to even it out a little (this is a good “complaint”).

Sashimi Platter ($50), featuring six kinds of sashimi. The sashimi is indeed fresh and nicely presented, just that it was not as thickly cut as some other Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

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