Brunch Menu at Boufe Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park

If you are into the cafehopping scene, then Boufe Boutique Cafe will not be new to you. The cafe is located in a Black and White House at Phoenix Park. Going alone with the monochrome concept, both the interior and exterior of the cafe are executed in black and white as well. Hence, it is little wonder (with windows offering lots of natural lighting) that this place has also been featured in many OOTD shots on blogs and Instagram.

We visited the cafe on a weekday afternoon, hence it was relatively crowd free, as opposed to a packed dining area on a weekend. The staff was friendly and helpful as they offered suggestions on what to order.

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[Newly Opened] The Bakehouse by Carpenter And Cook @ Alexandra Central

If you are a fan of Carpenter And Cook, then you definitely have to check out their new enterprise, The Bakehouse by Carpenter And Cook. Located on the first floor of the newly opened Alexandra Central, on the same site as Park Hotel Alexandra, the cafe serves wood-fired pizzas, pastas, gourmet sandwiches and Carpenter And Cook’s signature pastries. The great thing about this cafe is that it is opened seven days a week!

As you place your order at the counter, you can peruse the selection of pastries available that day. From freshly baked croissants to lemon drizzle loaves, as well as cakes in the glass display, they have plenty to offer for the sweet tooth!

John Crabbie & Co. Traditional Cloudy Lemonade ($6.80). The slightly fizzy lemonade comes with a twist of ginger. A renowned brand in the UK since 1800s, the drink is free from artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.

Crab Meat Pasta ($16). Crab meat fettuccine in brandy and pink sauce. I was not sure how the tomato cream sauce pasta would turn out, but the ample amount of shredded crab meat together with the al dente pasta was surprisingly good.

The pastas above are different renditions of Aglio Olio ($16). The original pasta comes with mix grilled vegetables, however mum opted for squid and mushrooms and I chose grilled chicken. I ordered less spicy, but I think the next time around, I will order a spicy one!

What I love about this place is that all their pastas are priced at $16 and they are open to customisation, so if you prefer to have a different type of meat or seafood, just let the staff know as you are ordering at the counter.

Carrot Cake ($7.50). As you can see from the picture, the cake is filled with carrots, nuts and pineapples! What a delightfully dense and moist carrot cake.

For my next visit, I intend to try Grandma’s Italian Style Chicken Wings ($5.50) and Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffle ($8). Both items came highly recommended by the staff but we did not have much of an appetite that day.

The Bakehouse by Carpenter And Cook 
321 Alexandra Road, #01-14,
Singapore 159971
Tel: 6250 0040
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday & PH: 0800-2200hrs
Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH: 0800-2300hrs

[Newly Opened] The Usual Place Cafe @ Jurong East

Good news for Westies! There is a new cafe located at Jurong East Street 31, about 5 to 10 minutes walk Chinese Garden MRT. The Usual Place Cafe serves pretty yummy food at affordable prices. I could not take any pictures of the interior and exterior because it was really crowded and the corridor outside was lined with numerous congratulatory floral arrangement stands on both sides.

The brand of tea that The Usual Place uses is Gryphon! I do like drinking Gryphon teas. We had the Lemon Ginger Mint Tea ($4.50) which is a herbal tea. The pot is small (capacity about two cups) and cute, and you can ask for a refill.

Yuzu Mint Cooler ($4). You may also choose from Green Apple, Strawberry or Passionfruit coolers. As for this, I found that it tasted mainly of yuzu with the mint flavour lacking.

The Usual Wings ($6.50), half a dozen wings served with homemade BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce was not half bad but I ended up dipping most of my wings in ketchup.

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Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar @ Tanglin Road

This was not my first visit to Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar. I actually like how the place is hidden at the back of Tanglin Post Office and seem to be like a secret cafe (the only incongruency with that idea is the expensive cars parked in front of it). There are a few tables outside if you choose to dine al fresco but I prefer to sit inside in this hot and humid weather.

There are plenty of tables to choose from, both high and low. Also, the floor to ceiling window offers great lighting no matter where you are sitting.

Smoked Salmon Salad ($16). Mixed greens, avocado and eggs, served with a flambeed mirin dressing. If you find the toppings of the salad insufficient, you may choose to add bacon or grilled chicken to any salad for an additional $6. Honestly, the portion was filling and enough for one.

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[Newly Opened] Dazzling Cafe Has Come to Singapore!

Wow! I must say Capitol Piazza is looking spiffy these few days! And one of the first few tenants to commence its operation is Dazzling Cafe! This Taiwanese cafe is the first branch in Southeast Asia and some of us had been anticipating its opening.

The cafe is undeniably pretty and we noticed that the patrons here are mostly females (only two males accompanying their partners in a full house). Anyway, Dazzling Cafe has two storeys but is only serving on the first floor as they are still looking for more manpower to run its full capacity while sustaining quality.

The cafe is currently having it s soft launch, so opening hours are from 12 to 8pm (last order 7.30pm). We went there on a weekday around 4pm and the queue was not very long. The wait time however was about 30 minutes so we left our number with them and went to another restaurant for lunch first.

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On The Table @ Pasir Panjang

After so many recommendations by my sis, who loves going to On The Table, I finally made it here. The cafe is located along Pasir Panjang Road and just a stone’s throw away from Pasir Panjang MRT Station.

I liked the decor of the place but found it rather dim for photo-taking even with all the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. However, the fact that the cafe does not charge GST and service charge kind of makes up for it.

Fries with Truffle Mayo ($8). Fries with truffle infused Parmesan mayo. Initially we read the menu wrongly and thought that it was the usual truffle fries. Imagine our indignation when we could not taste any hint of truffle on the fries.

However, after dipping our fries into the bowl of mayo, we realised that the essence of the appetizer was actually in the small dish!

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[Newly Opened] Tête-à-Tête Cafe @ Biopolis, Buona Vista

So glad that there are more cafes opening in the west and Biopolis seems to be a hub for cafes! Tête-à-Tête Cafe is located at Nucleos, one of buildings in the cluster, just a few feet away from Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar. The cafe is really spacious and offers great photo-taking opportunities with its full-length windows.

As I entered the cafe, my eyes were first drawn to the beautiful display of desserts at the entrance, then to the classy and timeless black and white decor.

The staff was very patient with us and took some time to explain the individual desserts. Honestly, that made it more difficult for us to decide what to order as everything sounded so good.

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