Birthday Surprise (Part 2): Macaron Baking Class @ The Kitchen Society

After Tanuki Raw, we headed behind Orchard Central, cut across Killiney onto River Valley Road, and then turned right onto Kim Yam Road. I was being a child, asking “are we there yet?” every so often. It was quite a walk after a filling meal and under the scorching hot sun. The doors to The Kitchen Society were a welcoming sight.

Apparently my sister signed us up for Frutti Macarons baking class by none other than Lin Weixian, the master behind my favourite macaron shop, Bonheur Patisserie (read about my posts about his character macarons here, here and here)! I learnt afterwards that the baking class cost $180 per person!

During the class, Chef Lin and his lovely wife, Carline, taught us how the difference between French and Italian macarons, how create a macaron batter with proper folding techniques, the right way to pipe a macron and lastly, how to decorate them.

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Christmas Macarons from Bonheur Patisserie


Hi everyone! I am back and still adjusting to the humid albeit extremely wet weather in Singapore. Also, I am currently sorting out my photographs of Finland, but I promise they will be up next week. Until then, it is back to a post on food (my favourite subject).

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, Bonheur Patisserie will not be unfamiliar to you! Their character macarons are a favourite of mine and I have been regularly seeking them out during the weekends for new characters. The thing about macarons from Bonheur Patisserie is that they are not only good to look at but equally delicious to eat.



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Bonheur Patisserie: Cutest Character Macarons (Part 2)


It was the weekend again, so what did I do? Head on down to my favourite macaron shop, Bonheur Patisserie, to get myself more character macarons! This time around there was only one repeat character (Hello Kitty) which I did not buy, so there is a total of eight new designs ($4.50 each).


My mum thinks they are a waste of money but they are simply so delicious and too cute to resist! By the way, please note I am horrible at identifying cartoon characters.

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