[Newly Opened] Opus Bar & Grill @ Hilton Singapore

Anytime there is a steakhouse, I am game! And so when I saw this over-sized advertisement plastered on the front of Hilton Singapore about a new steakhouse in town, I knew I had to try it. Thus, accounting for this meaty meal at Opus Bar & Grill a few days after.

Opus Bar & Grill occupies the space that was formerly tenanted by Checkers Brasserie, which was renowned for its themed buffets. The grill, helmed by Australian Chef Nick Philip, serves prime-cuts that are aged in-house for 14 to 36 days in a customised Himalayan salt tile cabinet and then grilled over imported charcoals. Sounds really enticing, doesn’t it?

By the way, did you know that Opus is the first restaurant in Singapore to be certified ad awarded the MSC Ecolabel for supporting sustainable fishing practices?

This was as close as I could get to the salt cabinet without actually stepping into the kitchen.According to the chef, the cuts are all dry-aged in this custom designed Himalayan salt tile cabinet “to create an intense depth of flavour whist tenderising it beautifully.”.

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Common Man Coffee Roasters & Fat Boy’s


Last Saturday, we made a trip down to Robertson Quay just to try Toby’s Estate, however they were sold out before 1pm! We were told to return at 3pm after the kitchen replenished their stock. Hungry us, we were not willing to wait, hence we headed to another popular hangout, Common Man Coffee Roasters.



Even though it was after lunch, the atmosphere of the place was very lively and every table was filled.


I had the Organic Eggs Benedict($24). I think I took too long to take pictures, so my dish was all mushy. It was an interesting idea to include braised ox cheeks, but it can be quite heavy if you intend to order this for breakfast.


I loved my hot chocolate ($6)!

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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse


I have been putting this post off for almost a month because I did not have a very good experience at the restaurant. It was my first and only time being disappointed at a mid to high-end steakhouse. And it shows how much it fell short of that we did not even stay for dessert.



It was meant to be a birthday celebration for me by my family. I was actually looking forward to the dining experience there because Wooloomooloo Steakhouse was fully booked for Restaurant Week even before it was opened to the public, which I took to be an indicator that the food was exceptional.

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Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro



This post is late in coming! My good friends and I had a meal at one of my favourite steakhouses, Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro, some time back in April. Pepper falls comfortably within the medium price range for steaks and it also has a variety of cuts to choose from.


We tried their set dinner which costs only $30++ (not sure if it is still available this month)! You have to ask for their set dinner menu, which is featured at the front of the restaurant and is slightly different from the American Express one.

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Swiss Travelogue 5: Rolli’s Steakhouse in Zurich

Our favourite restaurant in the whole of Switzerland has got to be Rolli’s Steakhouse in Zurich. It was so good we especially made a trip down again at the end of our trip.

The steakhouse is deceptively small and not ostentatious at all. Beneath its plain exterior lies one of the best steakhouses I’ve ever eaten in. The concept of the steakhouse is that they serve their food on hot stones. Other than steaks, they have seafood and more exotic options like ostrich meat (which was unavailable both times we were there).


The restaurant is decorated in a vintage American diner style with faded posters and memorabilia around the dining area.


Sis had “shrimps” but they were nothing shrimp-like. The prawns were huge!


I had the fillet both times. Definitely the best cut of meat there. Tender and delicious. Just thinking of it makes me salivate. It’s topped with peppercorn which added a hint of spice to the steak.



You may choose either salad or fries with your main course. Both are given in generous potions.


Also, the steaks come with three sauces. The waitress did not tell us wha they were but I could roughly make it out. The first is garlic mayonnaise, second something curry and the last one tastes like salad dressing.


The dessert we had was apple strudel ala mode. The strudel does not taste anything like the strudel back home. It’s actually soft and served warm. Still, the apple chunks were totally delicious.

The food at Rolli’s definitely does not come cheap but it’s affordable and reasonable considering how expensive food is in Switzerland. If you are on a budget, this place is worth a splurge.

MeatWorks and The Avengers

How did I celebrate my Labour Day eve? Of course, by staying out late and making full use of the fact that I do not have to wake up early the next day!

Ivy, Huda, Ahmad and I went to Ion Orchard for dinner. There’s a grill place on the fourth floor, MeatWorks, which serves halal meat. According to my Muslim friends, the restaurant is not certified halal but the cut of meats are.






We ordered the cheese platter. Everything was fine. The fruits cleansed our palette. However, I cannot stand the taste of blue cheese. Boy it was strong.


The coffee was good there. The browns of the drink was extremely pretty and hypnotising.




Next, the meats. I had the braised short ribs. The tomato sauce was thick and flavorful and the meat was very tender.


I think I look maniacal in the picture above. My friends said I look carnivorous when I eat steak. Guess that was pretty condemning evidence.

They had the pasta and other cuts of meat like the sirloin and striploin. Both steaks were great, perfectly done medium.




After dinner, we took an hour long train ride to a cinema nearer home to catch a midnight movie, The Avengers.

Picture from entil2001.com

If you have not caught it, you should. The movie is funny and heart-pumping. Ironman was hilarious, Captain America was pure eye candy, Thor had a delicious accent and Black Widow was scarily sexy. That is the kind of movie you will want to watch more than once.