Phuket Travelogue 1: Club Med Phuket

I have finally cleared some free time and got down to blogging about my short getaway at Club Med Phuket. It was a four days three nights stay at the Kata Beach holiday resort. This is my second visit to Phuket; the first time was at Patong Beach with my clique from JC during our university years. Kata Beach, located at the south of the island, is quieter and less bustling than Patong (the main beach), and I found that I preferred that.


We had to reach the airport rather early in the morning and fortunately, we had two good friends who were willing to wake up before the sun rose to send the four of us to the airport. Sorry for the slightly blur picture!

After a two hour flight, an expedient visa on arrival and an hour taxi ride, we reached Club Med Phuket slightly before noon. It was rather easy to hail a cab from the airport, as they had a taxi counter. The fare was 900 Baht (SGD$35). We realised at the end of the trip, that transportation costs at Phuket were exorbitant.

Unlike Club Med Bali, which had a central walkway with blocks branching off it, Club Med Phuket was a long row of blocks with meandering walkways. We lost count of how many right and left turns we took to reach our block.

We got inter-connecting garden view Club Rooms, located on the top floor. The rooms were definitely bigger and nicer than the ones at Bali. We even had a balcony with deck chairs! Thus, I spent more time in my room (and also because there were lesser activities here).

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Bali Travelogue 2: Sun, Sand and Sea at Club Med Bali

After having a happening afternoon at Waterbom, it was all the fun and activities at Club Med Bali for the next three days. Basically, when you stay at any Club Med, you do not have to go out of the resort because the resort is like a self-sustaining village where everything is included in the amount that you have paid (which explains why it is not exactly cheap to stay there). Everything from food to gym classes to facilities, you name it, it is free, even alcoholic drinks!

Below are some of activities offered at Club Med Bali that we partook in. Do note that these were done over the course of three days.

I woke up early in the morning, around 5.30am when it was still dark outside, to catch the sunrise. However, the direction of the beach seems more suitable for sunsets, as I managed to see the sky brightening up but did not manage to catch the sun.

Along the long corridor which runs adjacent to all the blocks, is the golf course. At certain times of the day, there will be groups of people putting on the green. On the opposite side of the corridor, is a pond in front of the blocks, where you can see wildlife like the Great Egret and Water Monitors.

At breakfast, squirrels are more pest than friend. These daring/ annoying little buggers are very active in the morning and will try to scramble onto your table when you are not paying attention to steal your food. Of course, some of the children were fascinated by them and tried to feed them. If you are afraid of squirrels or would rather eat your breakfast in peace, I suggest you choose a table inside.

Tennis was one of the activities that we enjoyed and tried more than once as Charlotte, our instructor who is as fluent in french as she is skillful in tennis, is an awesome instructor. Sis and I are amateurs and she was patient with us and even in a medium-sized group setting, was still able to give us pointers individually.

Archery for beginners is in the morning. We arrived about five minutes early and managed to get a slot. Those who came on the dot or slightly late had to wait for us to be done before they could try their hand at it. I cannot say that I was a fair shot after the session, but it was pretty fun.

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Coastes: Great Hangout by The Beach



Coastes is one of my absolute favourite places to hang out and I think I fell in love with it on my very first visit there about a year ago. Nothing beats having a good view of the beach, no deadlines to meet and plenty of satisfying good food around.

The eatery is situated along Siloso Beach at Sentosa, and nestled among the coconut trees. It is a place with numerous blue, white and brown tables, huge beige beach umbrellas, as well as a stretch of sunbeds leading all the way to the edge of the water.




Let us be realistic, the beaches in Singapore will never be able to compare with the famous beaches in our neighbouring countries, but this is as good as it gets for a Singapore beach.

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