Afternoon at The Central

Finally took one afternoon off the whole holiday to just go out, pamper and enjoy myself. No worries about work, just letting my hair down.

The place I went to was Bioskin at The Central, Clarke Quay. It was a very good deal, with IPL, O2 therapy, dermapeel, shoulder massage, foot pressure detox, O2 light infusion for only $88! I was literally glowing after the treatment. Now that it has been a day after, my skin is still light and smooth, not oily at all.

It was honestly the best facial I went for but I would probably never have it again as it was a one time deal. I could never afford it at its original price of $480.

After that it was dinner with the Bims Club at Billy Bomber. It had been so long since we have met up and it was laughter therapy as usual. So glad to be able to share stories and tickle our funny bones.

And that was still not the end of my day. When I got home I had two surprises waiting for me! A wedding invitation from a good friend back in high school. Wow, time really flies. Can’t wait to meet up with the gang in April to see how everyone turned out.

Last but not least, my cloud jelly Mercury case finally arrived from Korea. Don’t you just love online shopping? Talk about a world without borders.

I’m glad for such a great afternoon. Now, back to work.