The Reason for Not Blogging


The reason why I have not been blogging lately is because I have this humongous ulcer on my tongue. Do not worry, I am not going to upload a disgusting picture of it. It is huge, ugly and super painful. Worse thing is that it is at the side of my tongue, so every time it touches my teeth, it hurts like crazy!

Needless to say, I have been cutting down on everything spicy, fried and salty these few days and eating those plain stuff like soup and porridge. Other than that, I have been following tips I read online about how to treat ulcers:

1) Apply numbing cream.

At the moment I am using TARO, which you can get at a pharmacy. It is apparently more effective than Bonjela which I have been using since young. And Bonjela tends to sting when you put it on, but this does not. 

2) Gurgle with salt water.

Avoid using chemical mouthwash, which can be harsh on your ulcer. After brushing my teeth or after meals, I will gurgle with salt water. Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in warm water and gurgle. I always thought that salt water would hurt on wounds, but I did not experience any pain.

3) Avoid chewing on the side with ulcer.

So I have been only chewing on my left side. Besides, I think this is quite common-sensical. It really hurts like nobody’s business for anything to touch my ulcer.

4) Do not eat or drink anything citrus.

This was quite an interesting point because having an ulcer means that one is lacking in vitamins, but apparently citrus fruits will aggravate the ulcer! At the moment, I have been munching on apples. 

So with these tips, I hope that my ulcer will get better. It is already Day 4! I hope there will not be a Day 5.


I went back to my alma mater yesterday night for their annual homecoming dinner. The building was designed by a late first lady who was an old girl, is a landmark on the road along Bukit Timah. This place holds a lot of fond memories for me, all the fun and laughter, goofing around in class, slacking during PE lessons and all the great friendships I made.

People always have the idea that since we come from the top Chinese girls’ school, we are automatically Chinese-speaking, bound by rules and tradition. After graduating, you will know that while we bitched about having to cut our hair short (yes, our hair couldn’t touch our shoulders), socks had had to cover our ankles, watches had to be the size of a 20 cent coin and skirts had to cover the knees (and I could list so many more), we bonded over all the trouble we had to go through and can now finally understand what it means to embrace tradition.



After so many years, I still love the architecture of the place. This is the open quadrangle where we assembled every morning and met for important events.


The podium where announcements are made and flag raising was carried out.

The panoramic shot of the school building and students, taken every five years since we were in Secondary 4. The top picture was the first one where my graduating batch was featured.


We had steamboat buffet in the hall which is now air-conditioned. The event was organised by the current students.


I took home some stuff. A sticky note pad and post-it featuring the school and Sticky (a type of hard candy) with the school’s name in Chinese.

Historical Learning Journey

I went on a history learning journey around Singapore yesterday. I visited Labrador Park which was a battery back in World War II and the Kranji War Memorial where war heroes were buried.

It was my second time at Labrador Park. The park is situated at the southern part of Singapore and contains many historical relics left over from WWII. The trails leads up all the way to the fort at the top and other than it being a historical learning journey, it was a nice trek up the hill and a rare opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh air. Thus, this time I took the chance to take some pictures of the nice scenes there rather than the big guns there.




I enjoyed the area very much as it was a nice balance between and history. There are actually 2 tunnels within the park and one goes under the sea all the way to present day Sentosa, but only parts of the tunnels are opened to public. I was not fortunate enough to go into the tunnels. After the trek, there is a cafe within the park to cool down and rejuvenate yourself.

Following that, we went to Seah Im Hawker Centre, opposite well-known shopping centres Vivocity and Harbourfront, for brunch. I got to eat a childhood favourite–putu mayam. It is a pancake made of beehoon and served with orange sugar and shredded coconut. Yum! It is rather hard to find this dish nowadays, mostly at Indian food stalls in hawker centres or coffee shops. Very affordable, only $1.60 for 2 pieces.

The last location was Kranji War Memorial. It is probably one of the most serene places in Singapore. Tourists seldom visit the place but I think it is an important part of Singapore. People from different nationalities, Dutch, Indians, Malayans, Australians, New Zealanders and men from UK, who have fought and died for us are buried there.








“They died for all free men.”

Dim sum and coffee

Ivy came back from England for a month and we managed to catch up during lunch today at Red Star. It’s a traditional dim sum restaurant which still utilises trolleys and stamp cards. Rare find in Singapore nowadays when people honour efficiency over tradition. Felt like I was having dim sum in Hong Kong. The restaurant is situated on top of a multi storey carpark at Chin Swee Road.

When we first got there, the restaurant was already packed but we still managed to get a seat quickly. The people who came later weren’t so lucky and the queue extended all the way out of the restaurant and down the stairs.

The egg tart was fantastic and freshly out of the oven. Rich custard filling in a buttery puff pastry. Yum!

The spare ribs were good too. Another dim sum must have. Tender and succulent and in bite sized pieces.

The Phoenix chicken was strongly recommended by the waitress as their signature dish which was more famous than their egg tarts. I found it average only.

I had to try their bo luo custard bun. However after being pampered with all the molten custard buns, this did not do it for me.

We also had the siew mai which is minced pork wrapped in dough.

The dessert we had was one of my favourite dish there but I dare say many westerners would find it revolting–durian crepe!

After lunch we headed to Dempsey Road to hang out and catch up over coffee. One of the best cafes to do that is Jones the Grocer.



Siyu had coffee which came in their speciality cups.

I had the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake. It wasn’t anything to brag about but definitely a good drink on a humid day.

We took some Polaroids using Siyu’s camera and Hello Kitty film!

Cupcakes and stuff

On the topic of food I saw some delicious looking candles at Francfranc that day. Based on the name of the shop I thought products sold would be from Switzerland but the shop is based in Japan. The concept is similar to Iwannagohome, selling cute and quirky furniture and knick knacks for your house.

Looks tasty don’t they? I felt like buying one home for the sake of it but my sis warned me to save money for my trip in June.

We baked muffins the other day in school for a healthy lifestyle day. Not sure how many calories there are in a muffin but it’s not that difficult to make. We took about ten minutes to mix the ingredients and 20 minutes to bake it.

And I left the best for last! My friend’s second attempt at making cupcakes turned out fine. She definitely has a flair for it.


This was the box of cupcakes she did for the birthday of one of my other colleagues. Pretty aren’t they?


Just wanted to share some photos of Fattybom with you! She’s my brown and fat hamster and she’s extremely cute!

Fattybom with her ears all perky.

Fattybom perching on her cube.

One of Fattybom’s least favourite activity–climbing the toilet roll.

Fattybom wanting to come out of her cage.


Her big butt!

Lastly, cause for her big butt.

Little things you miss

Every day I will take the same bus to school and walk the same route. And at night I never take time to stare out the window because to me, the view is always the same. However, these two days I had been taking note of my surroundings and realised actually how beautiful it is.

The view at the bus stop where I alight to walk to work. I get off every morning at dawn and have never noticed how beautiful the colours are. The orange, the pink, the purple and the blue. They fuse so nicely together.

The view from the window at work, with the rays of the morning sun streaming in. Brilliantly lighting up the room and illuminating the dark corners.

And the view from my window at night. I managed to catch the full moon yesterday. It was looking unusually large and radiant.