26 and becoming more intellectual (hopefully)

I turn 26 today! Yes, time flies. Just a while ago I was 25. I’m past a quarter of a century. The day was made great by my friends and family.

Woke up to a surprise from my sis. She crocheted an owl hat for me! So cute and quirky! On top of that, she got an owl pouch and owl earrings from Etsy for me. I hate birds but I can’t resist those cute images of owls. Really made my day.

When I reached school, my colleagues tried to play a prank on me but failed. I think I’m too oblivious. They attached a recorder with a sensor to the ceiling above my seat and every time I sat on my chair, the sounds of rooster crowing could be heard. I had no idea that the sensor was right above my head and I was the one “causing” all the noise in the staff room. When I left for my lessons, they switched the sensor to underneath my chair and still, when I came back, I could not tell the sound was coming from my table. Then, they admitted defeat. Haha!

After that they had a birthday celebration for me. I was actually pretty touched that they went through all the trouble in spite of their packed schedules. Feeling lots of love all around!

I ended off the day with a meal with my mum and dad at Jumbo, Dempsey Road. I will spare you the excruciating pain of viewing pictures of food taken in the dark.

The 25th year ended with a bang and 26th seems off with a great start. Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrated my birthday!

Lunch at Covelli

Last weekend, I had lunch at Covelli, a new Italian place at the basement of Orchard Central. The reviews on hungrygowhere were great and I always have an appetite for Italian food.

A narcissistic photo of myself. My hair roots are showing though. Going to get my hair done this Wednesday.




While the eatery may look small from the outside, it stretches lengthwise towards the end of the building, with seats on both sides of the corridor.


We were bombarded with an array of choices, only to be told by the staff that some were not available as the demand was so good the day before and their supplier did not have enough fresh seafood to offer.

Bread was served warm but without vinegar or olive oil. Quite a downer for me.

Next, was the seared tuna salad. It’s different from the usual tuna flakes and the sauce is slightly spicy. Quite an interesting taste.

The mushroom soup was a delight. Rich and foamy.

The presentation of the tenderloin was pleasing to the eyes. However, the meat was well-done when my dad requested for medium rare and the cut was a bit small.


I love my prosciutto argula pizza! The crust was thin, tomato sauce was aromatic and it was oh-so-good.

This was followed by dessert. Coffee cheesecake for me. A light espresso cheesecake mousse with crumble at the bottom and topped with flakes of dark chocolate.

My family ordered the hi-tea set. It was cheap, at only $13.90. But the items were nothing to brag about.

The set also came with two pots of tea. The pots were small but the staff was generous with the refills of hot water.

This is quite a good place for gatherings or meals with your family.

Another great meal at TCC

I opened my mail and what do I see? A birthday surprise from TCC!


It’s a discount card, 50% off first visit and 30% off second visit during my birthday month. Really great news since their prices have been increasing and I have to admit I had been a bit lax about my membership.

My family managed to coordinate our schedules for a meal there. We went to our favourite outlet which is at Great World City.

Since we had the discount card, we ordered a bit more than usual. Two salads this time around.

Caesar salad with turkey bacon. It just doesn’t taste as good as the usual ham one but good for my sis (she doesn’t eat pork because she thinks pigs are cute).

Romaine lettuce with fish roe. I didn’t touch that. Those little round things freak me out.


My drink berry cookie, a blend of raspberry and Oreo. Thought that it was a bit watery, would have been better with a little milk or ice-cream.

Now, we have a whole row of main courses.

Mum’s vegetarian ravioli.

Sis’s baby crayfish pasta, which she thinks look like prawns.

My pan-fried daily catch with onion sauce and salsa. The waitress said its a popular dish there but it was only okay for me. The salsa didn’t go with the fish or sauce.

Dad’s seafood aglio olio <nothing new here, he always orders the same thing).

Matthew’s mentaiko pasta.

And last but not least, dessert which was sour cream cheesecake. Came it a bit strong for me but sis thought it was pretty ok.

Can’t wait for the next trip :)

Porridge, with love

I was pretty sick yesterday so I went to the doctor. He told me my blood pressure was rather low and I have gastric. He also gave me a day’s MC to recover.

Early this morning, I remembered my mum saying something to me before she went off to work. Being still rather dazed from medication and sleep, I just nodded my head although I didn’t really catch what she was saying.

I work up at eight and walked into the hall and what do I see?


Lovingly made fish porridge from mum. She had to have woken up early to defrost the fish, slice it, cook the porridge and fry garlic bits. My mum rarely cooks due to her hectic work schedule and I’m touched she woke up early this morning just to make me breakfast.


All things sweet and jap

After a busy weekend, it’s time for some pampering for the tummy again. We intended to have a full Japanese treatment, sashimi, teriyaki, desserts and all, but our intended location for desserts has moved.

We had lunch at Sushi Tei, my family’s preferred restaurant for a good Japanese craving fix. Rather affordable for quality sashimi and the other Japanese food items.


Sashimi salad with Sushi Tei dressing. Look at the huge slices of sashimi and the thick fatty white lines on the salmon!

The usual sashimi set that we always order: prawns, tuna belly, salmon, scallop and swordfish.

A must-have for my dad. His inari sushi.

The stringy calamari. According to my family, the batter is light and fluffy.

Teriyaki garlic beef steak. It looks raw here but it is not. The steak is well done but still tender.

Last main course, yaki udon with chicken. Tasted like stir fried chinese noodles.

We then went to The Dessert House for dessert. While the pictures below might look tempting, the desserts are below expectations. The waffles weren’t cooked long enough, the cinnamon sugar was sparse and the pear lotus dessert was bland.



The only saving grace was the apple crumble ala mode. Every mouthful a huge chunk of apple.

Both outlets may be found at West Coast Plaza.

Don’t steal Ayden’s job

I want to share a funny thing that happened to my nephew, Ayden, who has just turned two.

Ayden has this habit of laying out his parents’ shoes before they leave the house. It is something that we have come to expect of him every time they head for the door.

That day, his older sister, Adrienne, stole his job from him. She laid out her parents’ shoes for them. Ayden was so angry that he started pacing up and down the hallway, fuming mad. Still, his anger was not appeased.

He then went up to his sister, pointed his index finger at her and with the only swear words he could think of, said, “123456789, 10!”

Mum’s birthday dinner @ Thai Fushion

This is a backdated post and I apologize for some of the photos. It was rather dim in the restaurant, I didn’t realise I was casting a shadow until the middle of the meal.

It was a small family affair, mostly of my aunties and uncle. Majority of my cousins didn’t turn up due to prior commitments. We sat at a long rectangular table and had to order 2-3 sets of everything so that it was within reach.





Here’s the phone number of the restaurant if you are interested. They do takeaways too.

My sister’s daily dose of coffee. My grandma ordered one too to wake her up.

Lime and lemongrass juice. Good for putting out the “fire”.

Tom yum seafood soup. It was spicy, in a good way. You could feel the heat traveling down your throat.

Prawn cakes and tang hoon soup. Both I didn’t try.


Pineapple rice. Pre-renovations, the restaurant served it with cashew nuts, now they replaced it with peanuts. However, the rice is still as good as ever. Very sweet and appetizing.

Same goes for the pad thai. This is the first time I tried it and definitely not the last.

The chicken wings were good as ever.

My mum ordered two kinds of fish–deep fried with Thai chilli and steamed in clear lime sauce.


It was time to cut the cake after dinner. As per the birthday girl’s request, we ordered her favourite cake of the moment, carrot cake from coffee bean.




Everyone enjoying every little bite of the moist carrot cake covered with a layer of cream cheese.