Eyebrow Enliven at HighBrow @ The Star Vista

I must state up front that eyebrow embroidery had never crossed my mind. The reason why I made a trip down to HighBrow in the first place was actually for their Eye Define ($500, semi-permanent eyeliner) because anyone who knows me know that I can do without any form of makeup but eyeliner, which is what I did for this session.

However, when I got there and talked about how I wanted the eyeliner to be drawn, which was thick with a wing at the end, Creative Director Andy told me that he would not recommend that as he did not want to risk tattooing my eyelids. Another reason he gave why my eyes are not suitable for Eye Define is because I have single eyelids and the the effect would not be as obvious. Similarly, that is the reason why I usually draw my eyeliner thick as anything less would not be visible.

After much discussion, we deliberated about trying out Eyebrow Enliven ($878, inclusive of one touch up and aftercare) instead. He drew on one of my eyebrows to show me how it would look like. The effect was instantaneous!

My natural eyebrows are sparse, as you can see from the picture above. And I really liked how it looked after Andy had drawn it. He also explained about the shape he had chosen for me. He drew it not as arched because my face is on the long side, so a distinct arch would make it look longer and a flatter brow would be more flattering on me.

By the way, not related to my eyebrows at all, but I noticed that my soft rebonding is quickly wearing out and my ends are starting to curl again. Not sure if this is the norm.

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Diamond Programme by Sothys: Energy Booster Serum and Energising Radiance Ampoule (Media Invite)

This has to be my first beauty related event! Sothys has recently launched their Diamond Programme, introducing Energy Booster Serum ($279, 30ml) and Energising Radiance Ampoule ($49, 2x 1ml). This skin energising duo promises to restore vitality and luminosity to skin of any age with the use of Siberian ginseng in four weeks.

The concept of using Siberian ginseng was guided by the founder of Sothys, Mr Bernard Mas. Based on research, Siberian ginseng is able to improve the skin’s quality by protecting the mitochondria and preserving the skin’s energy source.

The even was held at Adrift by Celebrity Chef David Myers, located at lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2. The restaurant is simply gorgeous! In addition to the main dining area, the restaurant as a bar as well as a second dining room just off the main dining area.

While we listened to Ms Cheryl Lee, General Manager of Sothys Singapore and Malaysia, and Ms Fany Deveze explain about the effects of both products, we got to savour ginseng-infused canapes specially concocted by Executive Sous Chef William Gumport for this event. The incorporation of ginseng into the food is supposed to help energise our skin.

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First Soft Rebonding Experience @ Aventa Hair Salon

I straightened my hair! This is the first time in my whole life having semi-permanent straight hair. I have been blessed with natural waves which many people mistake for permed hair. It is not hard to understand why because my hair is straight at the top and then it starts curling around shoulder level. I had tried cutting my hair short and the same miraculous thing would occur: straight and then when it reaches my shoulder, it starts curling.

Here are some photos of me dating from five years back:

And so, I decided to have a change, even though many of my relatives and friends were against it!

Knowing that I wanted to straighten my hair, I started looking out for deals featuring rebonding or straightening, and came across this deal on J Passport, which is a site and app that showcases various Japanese services and products, ranging from food to beauty, in Singapore. This is not an advertisement! I personally love to check out deals on J Passport once it a while because they are rather good!

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Pretty Nails

Untitled It seems like my gelish manicures always coincide with my holidays! And this time it was no different. I was keen on doing an owl theme as well as a floral one. Since I could not make up my mind, I ended up with the floral one on my fingers and the owls on my toes. I suggest you do not click ‘Continue Reading’, unless you want to get up close and personal with my ugly toes. IMG_4398 The nail art was not exactly what I had in mind because it is not me. The colours are very sweet and face it, I am not very girly. However, I thought it got together quite well. I would have preferred the swirls to be green, kind of resembling vines. But I must admit that my manicurist did a lovely job as usual. And now for my toes… Continue reading

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner


Today I am going to be blogging about something different! It is as much a necessity to me as food is to my stomach… and that is gel eyeliner! I have tried pencil, kohl, liquid over the years and finally found the one that suits me the best, gel.

Considering the fact that I have single eyelids and a rather oily skin, pencil and kohl do not work well on me. When I use them, they will start smudging after an hour. Also, the colour is not as thick and rich as I would like it to be. As for liquid, it is undeniably one of the best to do a flick at the end, but among the four, the hardest to remove.

I am a true blue Cyber Colors black gel eyeliner fan. Since this nice lady at Sasa recommended it to me a few years ago, I have been using it consistently… until recently. Not that it is no longer good, but it is out of stock! So I had to turn to other alternatives in the meantime. I read online about Kate, L’oreal and Maybelline, and reviews for the Maybelline seem to be the most positive, so I bought that.



This Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner promises to stay up to 36 hours, with its new and improved formula, which promises more intense colours as well as waterproof capabilities. Apparently, it is also supposed to be easy to put on and resistant to sebum.

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For some gelish

A tai-tai (a Chinese colloquial term for wealthy women who do not need to work) day out for the few of us yesterday. We managed to go for a manicure session in the middle of a weekday just as if we did not have to work (thank god for holidays).

We all bought vouchers for gelish manicure which came with four free 3D nail art, of which only two of us opted for. The rest of us decided to customize according to out whims and fancies.


My manicure with alternate pastel green and pink base colours and cupcake nail art on the fourth finger. Totally loving the sweetness.


Mdm Saha chose a pale pink background and stickers. They were having a promotion of $15 for a full set of ten stickers. The stickers were like temporary tattoos which you wet the paper and paste on your nails.


Pauline had three-tone French tips with glitter. Simple and elegant.


Serene selected a nude base with four bling-blings: ribbons and a crown.


Cailing had the most elaborated one, with a glitter base and 3D nail art. Went really nice with her beautiful toes she had painted last week. No pictures of her toes, sorry.


Star power of all five of our hands! Can’t wait for the next pampering session!

Newbie at crackle

My first attempt at painting my own nails using crackle. Bought both bottles of nail polish from a spree online– Orly’s Sea Gurl and China Glaze’s Crackle Latticed Lilac.


First, I did two layers of Sea Gurl. It was a nice gunmetal shade. Also, the handle of the nail applicator had a good grip which made it easy to paint with.


This was followed by a layer of Latticed Lilac. The texture of the crackle nail polish was very thick and it dried very easily.



The end product seems like a big blob of paint :( Also, I think the colours are too similar that I couldn’t see the crackle. I will definitely use the Sea Gurl alone and get a lighter base coat to go with the crackle.

Anyone with tips on proper application of crackle?