Burpple: social food journal

Calling all food bloggers! There’s a new app for you to download! It’s called Burpple and it’s free. A whole new social networking sites for foodies and food bloggers where you can upload pictures of your foodporn, follow others and zoom to the location if you are interested.


It’s a pretty hot pink app with a fork and spoon.


Similar to Facebook, you can customize your profile and cover picture.


It also has an activity page where you can check out activities that had happened which are related to you.


The only thing I don’t like about the app is that I can’t add my friends or find them through my contact list or Facebook. They do recommend possible people you are interested to follow.


Now, how to upload your photos. First you can choose from your range of photos in your photo album. The wonder of the app is that you can download pictures from way back and the app can trace the date and time!


Also, on to the location thing. It is powered by GPS and can trace where the food outlet in. This is really cool especially if you see someone’s picture and is interested in trying the food too.


You can also create albums or categories in your homepage so that you can classify your photos.



When you are done, everything will appear in your feed! Simple and addictive :)