about me

Hi, I am Qiuuing! Actually, my name is Jennifer Yeo. ‘Qiuuing’ is a play on the last character of my Chinese name ‘Qiu’ (pronounced like ‘chew’). When I was thinking of a name for my mainly food blog, I tried to play around the word ‘chew’ since both words sound the same and came up with ‘Qiuuing’.

A Little History

I first started blogging at qiuu-ing.blogspot.com in 2006 when I was in university. I moved on to this site in 2012, but work soon got in the way and I went on a hiatus till 2014. In the meantime, I did micro-blogging on Instagram since it did not require as much time and effort.

I soon found my way back to blogging again when I realised that there were more things that I wanted to say that would be too lengthy on Instagram (so many ‘thats’ in that sentence. Opps, another one!).

Food has always been my saviour from my hectic work schedule and I find it comforting to take a breather in between work to enjoy anything from hawker food to bubble tea to restaurant fare. Work is still crazy, so my weekends are for blogging.

My Camera

I had been using my trusty Canon PowerShot S100 since 2012. Despite the fact that it was almost a relic and there were newer versions out there, it did work really well. I brought it with me everywhere I went, even overseas to capture pictures of my holiday. However, it died on me when I was in Japan in December 2015.

Hence, I am currently using a camera recommended by my technology savvy sister, Sony RX100 M3, which is light and portable.

By the way, if you are interested, most of the photos on my Instagram were previously taken using iPhone 4S and iPhone 6, and since 2017, my iPhone 7+.

Social Media

Instagram: @qiuuing

Burpple: Jennifer Yeo/ Qiuuing

Blog: www.qiuuing.com

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