Nesuto X 52 Sandwich Shack @ Tras Street

I have decided to revive my blog! Finally, I found the time to edit some photos and truthfully, it is also because I have something worth to blog about!

Recently, I made a trip to Nesuto, which is located at 53 Tras Street, just a short walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It is not my first time there, but the desserts and murals, as usual, blew me away. A little birdie told me that the paintings on the wall cost the owners five figures!


So, back to the topic. The reason I visited Nesuto is that they now have a new concept called 52 Sandwich Shack, which is slated to open soon at Raffles City. Some of the signature items from the shack can now be found at Nesuto so that you can have your savoury and sweet all in one place!

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