Balkans Travelogue 9: Bled Caste and Lake Bled, Slovenia

The most scenic place we visited during the trip was Bled in Slovenia, a town best known for its lovely castle, Bled Castle, which is perched atop a cliff overlooking beautiful Lake Bled.


Our hotel, Hotel Park, is situated near the lake and it offers a magnificent view of the castle. Other than the landscape, the region is also famous for its Original Bled Cream Cake, which you can order from almost all the restaurants in that area.


We had ours at the rooftop cafe of our hotel for 3.70 Euro. The cake comprises of a puff pastry, custard cream, whipped cream and vanilla sugar. Hands down the best pastry we had during our trip.

Following breakfast, we made our climb to Bled Castle, the oldest castle and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia.


What an awe-inspiring view!


We had some free time after, so we walked around the lake. You get to see many shops, restaurants as well as athletes exercising (the area is surrounded by mountains. and you can find many skiers there during winter).


The restaurant above, Ostarija Peglez’n, came highly recommended but alas, it was only opened for dinner, so we headed to another restaurant for lunch.


We settled at Grill Restaurant & Terrace, which is located a short walk from our hotel. I had the Grilled Black Angus Roast Beef (25 Euro), served with baked potatoes, grilled bell peppers, Kajmak cheese. It was not the most tender or juicy beef, but I loved how it tasted when paired with the cheese.


As for dessert, I had the Brioni Orange Cake (6.50 Euro), served with chocolate crumble and orange & rosemary sorbet. My first Instagram-worthy dessert.

Surprisingly, for a touristic town, the prices here are rather reasonable.


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