Balkans Travelogue 7: Zagreb, Croatia

Our last destination in Croatia was Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The city is quite chilly as it is 122m above sea level. It is relatively easy to get around the city as they have an excellent network of trams, buses and trains.


The statue of Saint George and the Dragon located in front of the Stone Gate.


I could not get a good shot of the miracle painting of Virgin Mary at Stone Gate because I felt weird taking a picture while people were doing their prayers. This picture is taken from the website of Absolute Croatia.

Here is a background of the painting: A great fire broke out in 1731 and burned down 50 buildings, including the chapel that the painting was in. However, after the fire, the painting was found undamaged! And since then, the painting has been a symbol of hope and was displayed at Stone Gate.


The street gas lamps here are actually lit by hand! It has been a practice since 1863.


This is the interior of the oldest pharmacy in Zagreb, which has been in existence since 1355.


The Christmas Market at Zagreb was huge! It spanned different plots of land in the city centre.


There was a pavilion with a live band at one section of the market, and a stage with dancers and Christmas carollers at another.


The Ledeni Park, which is just a stone’s throw away from the market, houses a skating rink with disco lights and a live band!

The next day, we decided to wake up early to check out the same sights as yesterday, hoping that the fog would lift. Sad to say, it was still overcast.


This is St Mark’s Church.  You can see the coat of arms of Croatia on the left and Zagreb on the right.


The Nutcracker was showing at the Croatian National Theatre.


The Mimara Museum, which was a short walk from our hotel, The Westin. The museum is a late 19th-century neo-Renaissance palace!

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