Balkans Travelogue 6: Mostar and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

We visited the Old Town of Mostar and the famous Mostar Old Bridge on the river of Neretva in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The name Mostar was derived from medieval bridge keepers, mostari, who protected the bridge since the 16th century.



The country went through a war in 1993 and the bridge, which had stood strong for 427 years, was destroyed during that period. It took many years to rebuild the bridge, and it was finally reconstructed in 2004.


The bridge is also famous for its annual diving competition. Every year during summer, young men of Mostar would leap from the bridge into the river.


Almost half the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Muslims, so it is common to find a significant number of mosques.


After lunch and a long drive, we made it to Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a night tour. It was freezing, and the temperature here was probably the lowest during the whole trip.


This may look like a normal junction, but what happened here started World War I. The  Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated here on 28 June 1914, and the war occurred shortly afterwards.


On a personal note, as opposed to Croatia, Slovenia or Montenegro, it did not feel safe to venture around here at night. The place is still developing due to the war, so the streets were darker and more empty.

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