Balkans Travelogue 4: Ston and Dubrovnik

We travelled from Zadar to Split and finally to the town of Ston, which is located at the Southern tip of Croatia. The journey from Split to Ston took half of the day.


To get to Ston, we had to go through immigration at Bosnia and back into Croatia again. The checkpoint was quite efficient.

As we got closer to Ston, we noticed a great wall. The inner Walls of Ston surrounding the town is about 890m in length and the one outside town was about 5km. The 14th-century wall was initially about 7km long, but there was some demolition work done by the government, and the stones were taken to build other facilities.


We had fish for lunch (again).

Next, we had a boat excursion to an oyster farm, which included free flow tasting of oysters and a demonstration of how to shuck oysters.


We continued to Dubrovnik, which is known for its old town.


We started first with a sunset island cruise, which was then continued with a walking tour with a fantastic guide, who was a wealth of information.

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is little wonder how commercialised it is. According to our guide, summer is not the time to visit Dubrovnik as it is overrun by tourists, such that locals would leave the area as it got too overcrowded.


We stayed at our first five-star hotel, Grand Villa Argentina. The view would have been lovely if we were not given the first floor, as the balcony opened out to the sea.


I tried waking up early to catch the sunrise, but it was on the other side of the mountain. What was lovely about the hotel, was that it had a private beach.


It was definitely too cold to swim in the pool, and the pool was not exactly clean, but it offered a perfect spot for taking pictures of the sunset.


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