Balkans Travelogue 3: Zadar, Croatia

Our next stop was Zadar, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia.


One of a kind Sea Organ, an architectural feat! It is hard to capture from this angle as this is the back of the organ, but what happens here is that music is created by the sea waves entering the tubes located underneath. You can see many people sitting along the organ, just admiring the view and the harmonic sounds.


The Church of Saint Donatus, which is circular in shape and 27m high.


The Landward Gate, with the Lion of Saint Mark, a symbol of the Republic of Venice. Zadar was conquered by Venice from 1202 to 1358 and 1409 to 1797, and the legacy is still evident.


One of the wells at Five Wells Square. The wells are no longer operational, but the square still remains as a place of gathering for the people.


The Pillar of Shame, where people were chained and condemned in the past.


Fries from Surf n’ Fries. I was really happy to have salty fries after quite a few bland meals.


I tried a local pastry called Burek from Croatia’s oldest and biggest bakery chain, Milnar. It was thin and flaky, and this one was filled with apples. The texture reminded me of spring rolls.


According to Alfred Hitchcock, Zadar has “the most beautiful sunset in the world.”

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