Three-Star Michelin Dining Experience at Joel Robuchon Restaurant

I had to up my ante for sis’s birthday, so in addition to getting her the watch she wanted, I sprang for dinner at Singapore’s only three-star Michelin restaurant, Joel Robuchon Restaurant, at Resorts World Sentosa.


Sis and I opted for the cheapest (and I use the word loosely here) menu, which was priced at $248. The six-course menu came with an amuse bouche, one appetiser, one main course, dessert trolley, coffee or tea and petit fours. The other menus are priced at $298 (additional appetiser and inclusive of either cheese cart or a plated dessert) and $348 (additional appetiser and main course, inclusive of either a cheese cart or a plated dessert).

Honestly, the $248 menu will suffice as the bread basket, dessert trolley and petit fours trolley are extremely comprehensive. We were so well fed that we could not eat breakfast the following day and hardly had space for lunch


What an impressive spread! All the bread is served warm and made in house by their baker. The best one among all was the croissant, which was flaky and buttery.

Amuse Bouche


Even after getting the wait staff to repeat what my amuse bouche was, I still could not get more than eggplant and quinoa.


Sis had a langoustine and sea urchin “toastie”, which was toasted to perfection.

Additional Item One


The sweet and cold corn velouté was a pleasant surprise as it was not stated on the menu. Mine came with a slice of white truffle and sis had caviar!


There are four cold appetisers and four hot appetisers to choose from.


Sis had one of the cold appetisers, Le King Crabe, king crab and avocado cannelloni, citrus and vanilla condiment. My sis expected a cylindrical pasta dish stuffed with king crab and avocado, rather than a barrel made of avocado.


I had a hot appetiser, Le Cèpe, which is grilled porcini mushrooms in spicy bonito broth. It was originally supposed to come with lobster balls.

For all the options offered, there is little for those who do not eat seafood. Seven out of eight appetisers include seafood.

Main Course

Similar to the number of appetisers, there is a variety of main courses presented on the menu. A total of 10, out of which four need supplements of $30 to $45, another two require two diners).


I topped up an additional $45 for my Le Boeuf “Kagoshima”, and it was worth every dollar. Possibly one of the best beef I have had! Grilled Kagoshima beef, “Candele” macaroni pasta with porcini and parmesan shavings. The beef was so tender and sublime that I had to close my eyes to eat it. It was such an intimate experience.


The beef was served with a cup of beef broth.


Sis had the Le Black Cod, caramelised black cod with bok choy and Malabar black pepper. She was not too happy with the dish and was jealous I was enjoying mine so much.


Both mains came with their signature mashed potatoes.

Additional Item Two


The sorbets were so rich, so much so that the soursop left an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. I did savour the mango one.

Dessert Trolley


Look at the selection! How could we choose? In the end, we had one of everything. I was amazed by the skill of the wait staff as she was able to give us a slice of the mille-feuille without compromising on the rest of the pastry!  The most memorable dessert for me was the Floating Island. It was so light and delicate, just like how I imagine clouds would taste like.

Petit Fours Trolley


This I definitely did not foresee. An entire trolley of petit fours. Usually, they come on a small plate, but here, we could choose as much as we wanted! However, we were already too full and got the staff to recommend the seasonal ones. I liked all except for the spice macaron.


Great for special occasion. Come with an empty stomach.

Joel Robuchon Restaurant
8 Sentosa Gateway, Hotel Michael Level 1,
Resort Word Sentosa,
Singapore 098269
Tel: 6577 6688
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 1800-2300hrs
Closed on Monday and Sunday.
Nearest MRT Station: Harbourfront Station (Circle Line and Northeast Line)

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