Japan Travelogue: A Short Trip to Sendai and Tokyo

I went to Japan for about a week at the end of October, specifically to Sendai and Tokyo, for work. It was a rare opportunity that I got to travel during Autumn! We flew into Narita Airport, then took a domestic flight to Sendai, which was cooler than Tokyo.


Sendai is one of Japan’s biggest cities, and it is famous for its beef tongue, Samurai history as well as being the City of Trees.


We got to make our own soba and had it for lunch!


Other than awesome Kit Kat flavours, I love to check out Haagen Dazs in Japan too!


We took the Matsushima Bay Cruise, where we sailed around the many pine trees inhabited islands in Miyagi Prefecture. It was one of the areas affected by the tsunami in 2011.


A seafood and beef tongue lunch by Matsushima Bay.


Pear Ice Cream (300Yen) after lunch. I was really excited when I saw it, but the milk base was very strong and it covered the subtle flavour of the pear.


We also got to participate in a Kokeshi Doll painting workshop! Kokeshi Dolls are made of wood, and they have enlarged heads and thin bodies with no arms or legs.


One of the nicest places to view Mount Fuji is at Lake Kawaguchi.


Mount Fuji, probably the most famous landmark and symbol of Japan. Apparently, we were really lucky we got to see a clear view of the mountain, as it is usually covered in clouds.

During my trip in December last year, I went to Asakusa to shop. This time, I went there to eat!


Huge melon buns for 200Yen. This shop behind the popular shoppign street sells 4,000 buns a day!


A hundred years legacy deep fried curry bun (290Yen). Made using homemade 100% prime Japanese beef curry, then coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building offers a bird’s eye view of Tokyo. There are many observation decks in Japan, but unlike Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, the view from this 45th floor is free.

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