Flavours of Singapore at White Rose Cafe

[Updated 7 November 2016] Tuck into flavours of Singapore, Wok Hei Specialties ($15 each), by White Rose Cafe Executive Chef Charlie Tham from now till 15 December 2016. Chef Tham has introduced four local favourites:

1. Crispy Egg Noodle


The crispy texture of the egg noodle is achieved with the correct control of the oil and heat during the frying process. It is then gently swirled in the wok till it turns crispy and golden brown. A specially made doubled-boiled stock from Chef Tham’s treasured recipe is slathered onto the noodle and topped with fresh seafood.

2. Wok-Fried Crispy Bee Hoon with Sliced Beef


The bee hoon is pan-fried in slow circular motion till it turns slightly brown and crispy. Strips of premium striploin beef are sauteed till tender before coated with egg gravy. This is an epic dish!

3. Traditional Hokkien Mee


This was my favourite among the four. Featuring ingredients like pork liver, pork shoulder, clams and not forgetting the essential pork lard are added to give the dish a memorable taste.

4. White Bee Hoon


Among the four, this was my least favourite, as I found it rather bland as compared to the other dishes which had more distinctive flavours.

If you would like to try more dishes, ‘Treasured Flavours of Singapore’ a la carte buffet, inclusive of 22 signature dishes, is available daily from 12 to 2.30pm at $29 per person (minimum two persons).


You will get to feast on unlimited orders of dishes like Black Ink Sotong, Chendol and Ice Kacang and unlimited servings of rice as well as one serving of their signature  Curry Fish Head (half portion for two to three persons and whole for four to seven).

White Rose Café
21 Mount Elizabeth, York Hotel,
Singapore 228516
Tel: 6830 1156
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0600-2300hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Orchard Station (North South Line)

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