Janice Wong Singapore @ The National Museum

Located at the National Museum of Singapore is Janice Wong’s new flagship restaurant. The restaurant opened in August this year and spans 1,500 square feet. While Janice Wong Singapore may not be very capacious, the 40-seater is decorated in a variety of hues which makes the space cheerful and vivid.


At the dessert counter, you will be bowled over by the array of desserts, from one of a kind ice cream and exclusive mochi flavours to her signature chocolate bonbons. Also, assorted chocolate paints in all sorts of shades and flavours are displayed for those who are inspired to create their own chocolate art.


We started our dinner with an amuse bouche of celeriac purée. It was chunky and tasted a bit like a cross between celery and potato. I liked it!

All of us had the 5-Course Degustation Dinner Menu ($68), which came with an appetiser, tofu, main course and two desserts. It was evident in the creation of the menu that the chef knew where her strengths lie.


For the appetiser, we had the Hot Explosion XLB, which came in three flavours: Whisky Pork, Truffle Cheese Chicken and Foie Gras Pork Cherry. The buns were decent, as the standards were not very consistent. Take the Truffle Cheese Chicken, for example, the XLBs were served in a serving of two, however, one bun would have a distinct truffle and cheese taste, while the other one did not. On the other hand, there were no complaints about the foie gras.


I cannot believe I am saying this but the savoury dish that I enjoyed the most was the Tofu which was served with a layer of finely chopped spinach and topped with a small purple cauliflower. I polished off the dish, leaving no trace of even the sauce left!


My main course, Crispy Charcoal Nest, was utterly disappointing, especially when it looked the most promising when served. The dish comprises of a nest made of noodles, pork belly, mushroom poem paper and collagen broth which was presented in a small jar and poured over the dish at the table. The mushroom paper was beautiful and the broth very rich. But for all that, the broth was not hot enough to cook the noodles, leaving it rather hard.


My family was mainly pleased with their Scallop Somen, which was plated very neatly with fish roe, ebi and salted egg sauce. However, my sis found that her scallop was not seared properly and the sauce was out of place.


After the main courses, we moved on to desserts. We could choose two desserts out of the three options, which were Shades of Green, Chocolate H20 and Strawberry Caprese.


I must say that Shades of Green reminded me of My Interpretation of Kaya Toast dessert I had at Corner House. While the execution was slightly different at both restaurants, the desserts packed a punch with a winning combination of flavours.


Strawberry Caprese was a very cohesive dessert. The dessert comprises of strawberry ice cream, raspberry fluff, sakura pearls and chartreuse, which is a type of liqueur. Even though the tart was admittedly good, I found it rather sour (I am a sweet tooth), which kind of hindered my overall appreciation of the dessert.


Chocolate lovers should not give Chocolate H20 a miss! Chocolate water mousse, yuzu sorbet, salted caramel and burnt caramel bavarois. A thoroughly delectable dessert! The water mousse was more substantial than an average mousse. Also, with yuzu and caramel, what is there not to like?


We ended our meal with Popcorn Mochi and Salted Egg Mochi ($3 each). The mochi skin was a bit tougher than I would have liked. The popcorn flavour was not very strong, but the salted egg tasted true. I loved the gold cutlery!

Janice Wong Singapore
93 Stamford Road, #01-06,
National Museum Singapore,
Singapore 178897
Tel: 9712 5338
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1100-2300hrs
Sunday 1100-1800hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut Station (North South Line, Northeast Line and Circle Line)

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