Non Entrée Desserts: ‘Old School’ Singaporean Desserts

I have heard many wonderful things and seen many brilliant pictures of the old school Singaporean desserts from Non Entrée Desserts. However, I had been postponing a trip due to the location (it is located at Farrer Park), since I stay in the west. Thankfully, I have a group of friends who had also discovered the dessert heaven, and we made our way down.


After getting the word that the place fills up very quickly and the desserts sell out too, we reached 10 minutes before opening time (typical kiasu Singaporeans). And it was also because of that that we got to see the whole tray of desserts being brought in from the kitchen! A tray full of “ang ku kueh”, “gem biscuits”, “rumballs”, “tu tu kueh” and “golden piglets.”


One cannot go to Non Entrée Desserts and not try their Avalanche Series ($13.90 each). While the Horlicks version was new on the menu, we decided to go for the original Chocolate one. The Chocolate Avalanche is basically a warm Valrhona dark chocolate lava cake, atop a crunchy almond nougatine, flowing onto chocolate soil and orange infused vanilla gelato. They brought the usual lava cakes a level up, now with an intoxicating way to capture the chocolate flow better.

Next, we moved on to the focal point of our visit, the “Back To The Future: 那些年我们吃过的回忆” series. Currently, there are two on the menu with a third coming soon. We tried both the Bak Chor Mee ($14.90) as well as the Singapore Breakfast ($13.90).


The Bak Chor Mee comprises of mango vermicelli “noodles”,  pudding with aged balsamico “vinegar”, raspberry reduction “chilli”, sesame snow “minced meat” and coconut “fishball” parfait. The execution was amazing! It was such a good replica, so similar to the real thing, especially after tossing it, that I could not wrap my head around the fact that it would not be savoury!


Last but not least, the Singapore Breakfast, which at first glance looks like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs, but in reality is actually kaya parfait toast with coconut panna cotta “soft-boiled eggs” with bursting exotic “yolk”, topped with gula melaka “soy sauce” and cinnamon “pepper”. What is mindblowing about this is that the “egg shell” does crack, leaving a soft runny inside!

Just a reminder, this cafe accepts cash only.

Non Entrée Desserts
 204 Rangoon Rd, Hong Building,
Singapore 218451
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 1400-2200hrs
Friday 1400-2300hrs
Saturday 1200-2300hrs
Sunday 1200-2200hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park Station (Northeast Line)

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