Magic Thursdays at Skyve Wine Bistro @ Newton

Skyve Wine Bistro has been well-rated by many organisations thus far, achieving “Singapore’s Top Restaurant 2016” by Wine & Dine Experience Pte Ltd, as well as 2015 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor. They have recently updated their menu to incorporate more gluten free items while retaining their hot sellers. Pokemon GO players will also be happy to note that this place is next to a Pokestop, I caught a couple of rare Pokemons here!


The black walls as you see here are collapsible, and the main dining hall can be opened up to include the lounge area for a larger event space.


Look at the menus! Aren’t they cool?

Magic Thursdays


Visit Skyve on Thursdays from 7.30 to 8.30pm and you will get to experience Magic Thursdays! Roving event magician Jasper Lee will go from table to table to perform close-up magic. This is at no extra charge!

The Sleeping Oysters


We tried the sampler portion of The Sleeping Oysters:

  • Gaucho ($34)-Apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, parsley, serrano
  • Ume Uni ($36)-Japanese plum, sea urchin gastrique

The oysters are freshly shucked and served in half a dozen. Those mentioned above are two of the newest flavours at Skyve. There is a total of six flavours-three warm and three cold.

The Dilly Dally Appetisers


Uni Spaghettini (Appetiser $20, Main Course $36). The portion shown here is the appetiser sized one. The pasta comes with aburi uni (sea urchin), aburi kazunoko (herring roe) and uni preserves. The seafood flavour is very strong and was a bit too much for me.


Shoyu Saba ($22). This is a gluten free option, and it comes with mackerel fillet, crispy fried root vegetables and gari (cassava). The root vegetables were addictive, and I could not stop munching on them. Also, the fish is steeped in a secret marinade to reduce the fishiness and retain the distinctive saba taste.


DIY Beef Tartare ($22), served with pickles, capers, onions, mustard, truffle oil and homemade pizza dough. The concept was inspired by the owner’s trip to Florence, where the chef mixed the ingredients for them at the table.  Hence, this interactive concept is made personal here at Skyve, where you get to mix the tartare yourself. Also, the tartare is lightly seared on the outside, but totally raw on the inside.

The Languid Main Courses


Daizu Portobello Burger ($34). This vegetarian dish comes with grilled portobello, spinach, fried tofu, tempeh, kaiser brioche bun and truffle fries. Fun fact: everything in this dish is made in-house (except for the mushroom of course)!


Misozuke Cod ($42). Miso glazed cod, served with bacon miso corn succotash, red fruit gastrique and scallion.The succotash is braised and sauteed, and the brininess is all from the bacon as no salt is added. The gastrique is made using berries and it cuts through the fattiness of the cod perfectly.


Sous Vide Hibachi Pork ($38). Chargrilled pork rack, served with a trio of togarashi (chilli peppers), savoury crackling skin, wilted spinach and barley risotto. This is one of the top sellers here ever since the launch of the new menu in August.

The Sweet Indulgence


The Dessert Platter ($25) includes tiramisu, lime semifreddo, chocolate pudding, pumpkin pie and snicker bar. My favourites are the tiramisu and lime semifreddo, which is very refreshing. The chocolate pudding is unique as it contains avocado, banana, peanut and oats!

Skyve Wine Bistro
10 Winstedt Rd, Block E #01-17
Singapore 227977
Tel: 6225 6690
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 1200-2300hrs
Friday & Saturday 1000-0100hrs
Sunday & PH 1000-2200hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Newton Station (North South Line and Downtown Line)

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