Khao Yai Travelogue 3: Dasada – The Flower Es’Senses Resort

Following our day exploring Khao Yai, we headed to our second hotel Dasada- The Flower Es’Senses Resort. It was about an hour by car from Hotel La Casetta by Toscana Valley. At the resort, you find yourself immersed in the lush foliage and relaxing atmosphere. It is indeed both a luxurious and revitalising experience staying there.


We reserved a Deluxe Room, which comes with a spacious bathroom, two double beds and an in room day bed. Also, waiting for us on the table was a complimentary plate of fruits!


We made it in time for their water fountain show at 7pm.


After the show, which was in Thai and lasted for about half an hour, we walked over to The Bloom restaurant for dinner. The restaurant has no relation to The Bloom by TV Pool


The Thai milk tea at the restaurant was very thick and rich. Our favourite dish was the Crispy Silver Bait with Garlic (170 Baht) and be prepared to be impressed by the flower ice cream and sorbet flavours (60 Baht per scoop)!


The most interesting feature of our room is not found inside the room. It is the direct access to the pool as well as a private spa bath or jacuzzi just outside our sliding glass doors. It is no wonder we spent a lot of time there.


After soaking in the spa bath, we went for breakfast. To travel around the resort, you need to either walk along the paths (which can be quite far) or call for a buggy. The buggy service is fast and efficient. We never had to wait long for one to pick us up.


These pads were at least one metre wide in diameter!


After breakfast, we went exploring. The resort has a flower gallery and a cafe. You can also learn to arrange flowers into beautiful bouquets at their in-house flower workshops.


Overall, I found the resort very rejuvenating. While it may be not be a themed hotel like Hotel La Casetta by Toscana Valley, it left a much stronger impression. Flowers are found all around the venue and it felt really great to be there.

Dasada – The Flower Es’Senses Resort
179 Moo 12, Prachinburi-Khaoyai Rd, T. Nurnnom, A.Meung, Prachinburi, 25230 Noen Hom, Thailand
Tel: +66 37 239 800

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