Flavours of Singapore at White Rose Cafe

[Updated 7 November 2016] Tuck into flavours of Singapore, Wok Hei Specialties ($15 each), by White Rose Cafe Executive Chef Charlie Tham from now till 15 December 2016. Chef Tham has introduced four local favourites:

1. Crispy Egg Noodle


The crispy texture of the egg noodle is achieved with the correct control of the oil and heat during the frying process. It is then gently swirled in the wok till it turns crispy and golden brown. A specially made doubled-boiled stock from Chef Tham’s treasured recipe is slathered onto the noodle and topped with fresh seafood.

2. Wok-Fried Crispy Bee Hoon with Sliced Beef


The bee hoon is pan-fried in slow circular motion till it turns slightly brown and crispy. Strips of premium striploin beef are sauteed till tender before coated with egg gravy. This is an epic dish!

3. Traditional Hokkien Mee


This was my favourite among the four. Featuring ingredients like pork liver, pork shoulder, clams and not forgetting the essential pork lard are added to give the dish a memorable taste.

4. White Bee Hoon


Among the four, this was my least favourite, as I found it rather bland as compared to the other dishes which had more distinctive flavours.

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Mondo Mio Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Mondo Mio at Roberson Quay has introduced several off-the-menu items and a newly revamped menu! Diners can get to sample this selection through a four-course set menu priced at $45 per person from now till 15 December 2016.



We started with the Insalata di Baccala ed Agrumi ($16), which is a salad made of bay leaf steamed cod with grapefruit, mandarin, kiwi and orange olive oil. I like how the fish retained its juices and yet is filled with the desired flavours of the leaf. However, the acidity of the citrus fruits can be quite overpowering.


Next, we had the Rosoni Di Zucchine alla Griglia Ripieni ($14), a favourite of mine. Honestly, this dish of mozzarella and ham wrapped around with grilled zucchini served with mint béchamel did not look like much, but it was delicious! There was a slightly nutty and smoky aroma to the dish.

Pizza & Pasta


Nothing says Italian more than excellent pizza! Pizza con Ruola Pesto ($22), Chef’s homemade pizza dough topped with wild rocket pesto, mozzarella, salami, ricotta and cherry tomatoes. While the base was arugula instead of basil, it was surprisingly not as bitter as I had expected. The chef did manage to balance the flavours very well in this dish.

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Janice Wong Singapore @ The National Museum

Located at the National Museum of Singapore is Janice Wong’s new flagship restaurant. The restaurant opened in August this year and spans 1,500 square feet. While Janice Wong Singapore may not be very capacious, the 40-seater is decorated in a variety of hues which makes the space cheerful and vivid.


At the dessert counter, you will be bowled over by the array of desserts, from one of a kind ice cream and exclusive mochi flavours to her signature chocolate bonbons. Also, assorted chocolate paints in all sorts of shades and flavours are displayed for those who are inspired to create their own chocolate art.


We started our dinner with an amuse bouche of celeriac purée. It was chunky and tasted a bit like a cross between celery and potato. I liked it!

All of us had the 5-Course Degustation Dinner Menu ($68), which came with an appetiser, tofu, main course and two desserts. It was evident in the creation of the menu that the chef knew where her strengths lie.


For the appetiser, we had the Hot Explosion XLB, which came in three flavours: Whisky Pork, Truffle Cheese Chicken and Foie Gras Pork Cherry. The buns were decent, as the standards were not very consistent. Take the Truffle Cheese Chicken, for example, the XLBs were served in a serving of two, however, one bun would have a distinct truffle and cheese taste, while the other one did not. On the other hand, there were no complaints about the foie gras.


I cannot believe I am saying this but the savoury dish that I enjoyed the most was the Tofu which was served with a layer of finely chopped spinach and topped with a small purple cauliflower. I polished off the dish, leaving no trace of even the sauce left!


My main course, Crispy Charcoal Nest, was utterly disappointing, especially when it looked the most promising when served. The dish comprises of a nest made of noodles, pork belly, mushroom poem paper and collagen broth which was presented in a small jar and poured over the dish at the table. The mushroom paper was beautiful and the broth very rich. But for all that, the broth was not hot enough to cook the noodles, leaving it rather hard.


My family was mainly pleased with their Scallop Somen, which was plated very neatly with fish roe, ebi and salted egg sauce. However, my sis found that her scallop was not seared properly and the sauce was out of place.


After the main courses, we moved on to desserts. We could choose two desserts out of the three options, which were Shades of Green, Chocolate H20 and Strawberry Caprese.


I must say that Shades of Green reminded me of My Interpretation of Kaya Toast dessert I had at Corner House. While the execution was slightly different at both restaurants, the desserts packed a punch with a winning combination of flavours.


Strawberry Caprese was a very cohesive dessert. The dessert comprises of strawberry ice cream, raspberry fluff, sakura pearls and chartreuse, which is a type of liqueur. Even though the tart was admittedly good, I found it rather sour (I am a sweet tooth), which kind of hindered my overall appreciation of the dessert.


Chocolate lovers should not give Chocolate H20 a miss! Chocolate water mousse, yuzu sorbet, salted caramel and burnt caramel bavarois. A thoroughly delectable dessert! The water mousse was more substantial than an average mousse. Also, with yuzu and caramel, what is there not to like?


We ended our meal with Popcorn Mochi and Salted Egg Mochi ($3 each). The mochi skin was a bit tougher than I would have liked. The popcorn flavour was not very strong, but the salted egg tasted true. I loved the gold cutlery!

Janice Wong Singapore
93 Stamford Road, #01-06,
National Museum Singapore,
Singapore 178897
Tel: 9712 5338
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 1100-2300hrs
Sunday 1100-1800hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut Station (North South Line, Northeast Line and Circle Line)

Non Entrée Desserts: ‘Old School’ Singaporean Desserts

I have heard many wonderful things and seen many brilliant pictures of the old school Singaporean desserts from Non Entrée Desserts. However, I had been postponing a trip due to the location (it is located at Farrer Park), since I stay in the west. Thankfully, I have a group of friends who had also discovered the dessert heaven, and we made our way down.


After getting the word that the place fills up very quickly and the desserts sell out too, we reached 10 minutes before opening time (typical kiasu Singaporeans). And it was also because of that that we got to see the whole tray of desserts being brought in from the kitchen! A tray full of “ang ku kueh”, “gem biscuits”, “rumballs”, “tu tu kueh” and “golden piglets.”


One cannot go to Non Entrée Desserts and not try their Avalanche Series ($13.90 each). While the Horlicks version was new on the menu, we decided to go for the original Chocolate one. The Chocolate Avalanche is basically a warm Valrhona dark chocolate lava cake, atop a crunchy almond nougatine, flowing onto chocolate soil and orange infused vanilla gelato. They brought the usual lava cakes a level up, now with an intoxicating way to capture the chocolate flow better.

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Montana Singapore and The Wine Anarchy @ POMO

Montana Singapore has recently launched a new menu and transformed its lower floor into a wine bar called The Wine Anarchy (many people do not know that you can actually enter from the main entrance at the first floor).


Armed with her expert knowledge and training in wine, wine connoisseur Ying will be there to discern your palate and recommend a glass of wine that reflects your personality. You will be able to sample craft whiskies, natural, organic and bio-dynamic wines as well as the world’s first V60 chocolate there.

The Wine Anarchy is opened from 6pm till late, from Tuesday to Sunday. Reservations need to be made in advance.


Montana Singapore is famous for its coconut cold brew. In fact, it is the first in the world to specialise in this form of cold brew. I tried the Gula Melaka ($6.80) version, which is a coconut cold brew with lush notes of caramel and toasted nuts. Unlike other cold brews, which I find sour, this was pleasantly sweet from the gula melaka and coconut water.

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Bangkok Travelogue: Bangkok in One Day

Only have a day in Bangkok and want to cramp as much as possible? That is definitely feasible!

Travelling around Bangkok


An excellent mode of transport in Bangkok is the Tuk Tuk. It is cheaper than taking a cab and is an experience like no other as the driver weaves in and out of traffic. Another way of getting around is through Uber, but this only worked for us when the pickup was at the hotel, as it was hard to communicate a pickup location otherwise.

Taxis were usually our last resort as a lot of them do not go by meter, especially on weekends. They will quote you an unreasonably high price, but you would have no choice as all of the other drivers will quote you the same price too.

On Lok Yun

Situated in Chinatown, amidst all the other traditional shops, is one of Bangkok’s most famous and popular all day breakfast places, On Lok Yun. The place is not exactly accessible, so we got a cab to take us there. The one-way journey cost us about 340 Baht.


The menu allows for a varied combination of Thai-American breakfast items, which is good because we wanted to try a range of their food and yet had plans to hit many other cafes and restaurants later. The breakfast as you see here cost 310 Baht, which is very affordable. The toast at On Lok Yun was outstanding, but we did not really fancy their milk tea.

On Lok Yun
 72 Charenkrung Road Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 233 9621
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 0530-1600hrs

After that early breakfast, we walked over to The Old Siam, which was just a stone’s throw away, intending to do some shopping. However, when we got there, we realised that the prices were exorbitant. A couple of shops quoted as 1,890 Baht for a skirt!


Fortunately, we made some interesting finds in the food section on the first floor.


I really like this snack (35 Baht)! I have no idea what it is called, but it comes in many pretty pastel colours and is served with popiah skin. You are supposed to wrap the spun sugar with the skin and munch on it. The taste is pretty similar to Dragon’s Beard Candy.

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Oak Room Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Royal @ Novena

I found Oak Room Restaurant & Bar through Chope, which is my favourite restaurant booking site. The restaurant is located a short walk from Novena MRT Station, in a hotel so entrenched in 80s decor that I felt like I was caught in a time warp. The decor of the restaurant (thankfully) was in total contrast to the feel of the hotel, as its modern interior belied its cuisine.


Oak Room set up shop on 18 May 2016 and is opened for business from Monday to Saturday. Executive Chef Darrence and Sous Chef Bong have put together a comprehensive menu specialising in seafood and charcoal-grilled dishes.



Jamon Serrano ($28). 18 months aged Jamon Serrano on toast, which was crunchy and reminded me of biscotti. I loved cured meat, and this was first-rate! The taste was rich, and aroma was intense.


Mushroom Soup ($10). The soup was smooth and creamy, but I found $10 to be a tad expensive for the portion.

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