[Newly Launched!] Antoinette’s Second Instalment of Fetish Campaign–Chocolat

If you subscribe to the school of thought that one can never have too much chocolate and chocolate makes everything better, then you should not miss Antoinette’s second instalment of their Fetish Campaign. Here, the chocolate reigns supreme and it is finally given its due.

Over a span of two months, from now till end of October, Chef Pang introduces 23 chocolate inspired food items, created using premium white and dark Valrhona chocolate. And if that is not enough for you, you will be surprised to know that this includes savoury and sweet items!

Le Carte du Chocolat


Roasted Carrot with Balsamic and Dark Chocolate Dressing ($18). A beautifully plated piece with roasted carrots topped with Serrano ham, strawberries, feta cheese, with Equatoriale 55% chocolate with balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side.


Chocolate Ravioli Filled with Wild Mushroom Ragout and Cooked in a Light Sausage Cream Sauce ($22). This house-made Caraibe 66% chocolate ravioli was both a hit and miss. I really enjoyed the mushroom ragout, but could hardly taste any chocolate in this dish. The pork was also a tad overdone.


Sous Vide Salmon with White Chocolate Hollandaise ($28). The fish, perfectly cooked, is served with shaved fennel and apple salad, and potato puree. The sauce here definitely sealed the deal! It was a warm, light and slightly frothy emulsion.


Braised Wagyu Brisket with Mustard and Dark Chocolate ($30). While many liked the salmon, the tender braised Wagyu brisket, finished with a Pommery mustard and chocolate with buttered parpadelle did it for me. It was hearty and full-bodied, and one cannot misinterpret the bitter aftertaste of the chocolate.

Three courses, with a choice of either main courses, at an affordable $38, served with coffee or tea and chocolate of the day!

A La Carte


Cereal-Crusted Chocolate French Toast ($18). This chocolate French Toast filled with a flowing chocolate lava, served with vanilla Chantilly and maple syrup, is something not to be missed! The crunchy Banana Nut Crunch cereal added texture to the soft brioche.


Flaming Chocolate Ice Cream. ($22). A statement piece. This is a flaming Caraibe 66% dark chocolate ice cream with mango, pineapple and banana compote and almond crumble, encased in a Equatoriale 55% dark chocolate sphere. Get your camera ready as the chef pours flaming Grand Marnier over it!


Chocolate Pancake ($18). The pancakes came with warm chocolate sauce, salted caramel, banana nut crunch, flambé caramelised banana and vanilla Chantilly. I would have liked the dessert more if the flambé caramelised banana was softer and less firm.

Cakes & Macarons


Front and centre we have the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake ($10). I was pleasantly surprised by how light the cake was. Despite the fact that it contained chocolate, the cake still retained its airiness and fluffiness. Also, this is not too sweet.


Orangler ($10). My favourite among all the cakes, perhaps because I have a weakness for the chocolate and orange combination. This is a four layered chocolate cake with a light chocolate ganache, hazelnut feullitine and orange marmalade. This is both zesty and heavenly.


Tarte Chocolate ($10). A chocolate almond tart, with caramel fleur de sel, roasted nuts, dark chocolate ganache and chocolate Chantilly.


Macaron Burger. Have you ever had a chocolate macaron burger? This was actually my first! A large chocolate macaron with a chocolate ganache “patty”, raspberry “ketchup”, apricot “cheese” and white chocolate “lettuce”.


Trufflette ($15). This dessert is specially made to look like the second key ingredient in this cake–truffle. Caraibe 66% dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut feullitine with black truffle-cremeux in the middle. I would recommend sharing this as the truffle is quite heavy and it is not easy to finish this on your own.


Invader Inside ($15). This packaging of this dessert definitely brings me back to a time when technology was more pixelated. Expect to try ten different textures of chocolate made using seven types of chocolate!

Confectionery, Bonbons & Jam


A selection coated in chocolate:

  • Chocolate rice crispies with candied orange and meringue clusters ($12)
  • Chocolate vanilla milk jam ($10)
  • 4 chocolate with 4 tea ((2.50)
  • Crispy bacon enrobed in dark chocolate ($15)
  • Almond butter rusk enrobed with chocolate ($2.50)
  • White chocolate matcha with smoked macadamia nuts ($12)
  • Salted egg truffle ($28 for a box of 9)

We started with the four chocolate bonbons, with aromatic tea-flavoured centers of lapsang souchong, earl grey, assam and jasmine. The first one is extremely smokey and aromatic. Another on the platter is a crispy deep-fried bacon enrobed in dark chocolate, which deserves a two thumbs up.


The star of the show was the salted egg truffle, hand-pressed by Chef Pang. You will be tempted to pop these little babies into your mouth constantly.



Hot Chocolate Earl Grey with Croissant Croutons ($9). We were told to stir in the croutons and then savour the drink. If you have been to Antoinette before, you would know that Chef Pang’s croissants are famous! The buttery flavour melded well with the strong earl grey in this hot chocolate.


Hot Chocolate Yuzu with Marshmallow Cloud ($9). The marshmallow cloud on top did add something interesting to the picture. However, I preferred the Manjari 64% hot chocolate yuzu without that cumbersome confectionery.

In support of the Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund, “Food for Dreams”, a dollar will be donated for every order of Chocolat items (not applicable for Chocoron, 4 Chocolate with 4 Tea and Almond Butter Rusk).

Antoinette @ Penhas
30 Penhas Road,
Singapore 208188
Tel: 6293 3121
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 1100-2200hrs
Friday 1100-2300hrs
Saturday 1000-2300hrs
Sunday 1000-2200hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Lavender Station (East West Line)

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