New Menu at Paddy Hills [South Buona Vista Road]

We were here to try the new ‘Daytime Eats’ selection at Paddy Hills. Here is a disclaimer, the menu at Paddy Hills is different during the day and night, so whatever you see in this post might not be available if you are having dinner.


From left: Taste Like Purple ($8), Orange Sky ($8) and Bubbly Yuzu ($8). These three quenchers are as pretty as a picture! I did not fancy the Autumn Iced Tea ($8), so it is not pictured here. If you are feeling a bit daring, go for the Beer Slushie ($12)!


The two sides we had were the Prawn Paste Wings (foreground) and Drunken Pig (background); both cost $15. The wings, which are a zichar staple, were finger licking good. The homemade sambal belachan and calamansi that accompanied the dish helped to intensify the flavours. As for the pork collar dish, it was served with nam jim, which is a Thai dipping sauce, a surprising medley of salty, sweet, spicy and sour.


The Pink Rigatoni ($25) is one lovely dish. The pasta came with cacio e pepe (which means cheese and pepper), mentaiko, Brazilian sausage and lardo. This may be a trying food item for people with Trypophobia, but this Italian style mac & cheese is worth it!


The following item had mixed reviews among the few of us. Ramen Risotto ($25), which comes with Kurobuta cha shu, scratching, tonkotsu sausage and lardo. The base of the risotto was similar to a thickened ramen broth. It was a clever twist on the traditional dish.


Next, we had the Beef Sliders ($28). This dish was a flop for me as the beef was over-tenderised and the texture had become indistinguishable. It was also a pity that the unagi fries stole the limelight.


My favourite dish that day was the 黑 Rice ($22), which translates into ‘black’ rice. The dish was named after the black colouration that the squid ink had lent to the rice. It was served with garlic, mentaiko mayo, sous vide egg and PH fried chicken. This is something you should not miss if you visit Paddy Hills. I hear that the dinner version with steak is even better!


The other dish that did not fare so well was the Black Sea ($25). Homemade squid ink spaghetti, Greenland shrimps, baby squid, fish crumbs and calamasi. The sauce was very dry and rough, which made it a dish hard to swallow.


For dessert, we had the extremely eye-catching and appealing Berry Muffcake ($20). A beautifully plated dessert of muffcakes, which is a pancake with a muffin-like consistency, vanilla bean ice-cream squares, chocolate crumbs, magic balls, pink milk and pumpkin seeds. A dish which tastes as divine as it looks.

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road,
Singapore 118164
Tel: 6479 0800
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1030-1700hrs and 1800-2200hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Haw Par Villa Station (Circle Line)

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