Seoul Jjimdak at City Square Mall [Farrer Park]

After having an awesome Jjimdak in Korea, I longed for more of the wholesome dish following my return to Singapore. Seoul Jjimdak, which opened recently at City Square Mall, seemed like an answer to my prayers.


The Army Stew ($33.90) is good for two or more and it is a classic Korean dish with homemade kimchi, luncheon meat, pork belly strips, assorted vegetables, baked beans and tofu. Should that not be enough, you can choose to top up additional pork belly for $5.90 and ramyeon for $2.90. I found that while the Army Stew had taste, it still needed more kimchi flavour.


Next, we had the namesake of the restaurant, Seoul Jjimdak ($33.90), which is also good for two or more, and comes in bone and boneless versions. The chicken is tender and braised with potatoes and glass potato noodles. You may also pay for additional ingredients like prawns and mussels ($5.90) and Mozzarella cheese ($2.90), just to name a few.


So what happens if you are going alone, but would still love to have the Seoul Jjimdak? The braised chicken dish also comes in individual portion size for $12.90. Frankly, the dish did not meet my expectations after trying Andong Zzimdak’s version in Korea. It was not as full-bodied or as satisfying.


I did not take any pictures of the Kimchi Cheese Fries ($6.90) as it was horrible. The cheese looked plastic and was very off-putting. It was almost inedible, and we had to remove all the cheese to get to the fries at the bottom. Thankfully, the Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki ($11.90) was slightly better. The rice cake was served with spicy sauce, which needed to be spicier, and melted cheese.

Seoul Jjimdak
14 Kitchener Link, #05-04,
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 2668
Opening Hours:
Opens daily from 1130-2200hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park Station (North East Line)

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