National Day Parade 2016 Highlights

The last time I watched the National Day Parade (NDP) live was aeons ago. It was when I was in Primary 5, and as a cohort, we had to attend the NDP full dress rehearsal. Now, after many failed attempts at balloting for tickets, I finally got to experience it in person again!

2016 marks the first year after Singapore’s golden jubilee and the first NDP in Singapore’s new National Stadium. The theme for this year’s NDP is “Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow.”

Parade And Ceremony

Different contingents marched in unison and Singapore’s national flags are displayed with pride.


Act 1: Badang And The Singapore Stone

The story of Badang, a South-Asian strongman who represents strength and resilience.


Act 2: Our Four Civilisations

We celebrate our diversity with the four different pillars representing the four main races in Singapore.


Act 3: Unicorn And The Rainbow

A hope that Singapore will be as unique as the unicorn.


Act 4: Ingenuity

An energetic dance executed by performers with LED costumes, accompanied with some of the latest pop songs.


Act 5: Our Singapore of Tomorrow

Building castles in the sky takes on a physical form.


Act 6: Our Home Our People

A performance featuring special needs participants hand-signing to ‘What a Wonderful World’. (I left early, so I did not get to photograph much of this part of the programme.)



A medley of songs with firework display.


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