Spanish Tapas and Parrilla at UNA @ One Rochester

Hidden in lush foliage at One Rochester is a beautiful Spanish restaurant called UNA. The restaurant opened its doors in April 2014 and is famous for its Spanish cuisine and aesthetically pleasant al fresco dining area. Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo, who has worked under two Three Michelin-starred chefs, uses only fresh, seasonal ingredients to showcase the best flavours of Spain.


Tapas and Parrilla


We tried a variety of the Spanish appetisers and grilled meats. The first two being Croquetas De Jamon Iberico ($14 for four pieces), which translates to creamy Iberico ham croquettes, and Encurtidos ($10). The latter consists of Gordal and Cornicabra olives with Piparra peppers. I enjoyed the classic combination of bechamel sauce with ham, which is then rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. It went well with the peppers, which added a bit of spice to the creaminess.


Fideua De Calamares ($20). The fideua is seafood dish originally from the coasts of Valencia, which is similar to paella, but it uses vermicelli-like noodles as an alternative to rice. So here we have a pan of squid ink Spanish noodles paella, which is topped with crispy calamari. The noodles is a great substitute for rice as a staple food.


Next, we had something healthier, which is Ensalada De Verano ($24). The heirloom cherry tomatoes salad is served with charred cucumbers and fresh Burrata cheese. Initially, we had no idea what the smokey and scorched bits were until we read the menu. It is a refreshing topping to the salad! The Burrata was fresh cheese at its best!


The next dish was to my liking as I found the salad rather sparse for $26. The Ensalada Cesar, which is a Spanish Caesar salad, is served with grilled Spanish Sucrine lettuce, Idiazabal cheese foam, smoked anchovies and pomegranate. Besides, I am not a fan of big pieces of anchovies.


Pulpo A La Parrilla Con Papas Arrugadas Y Mojo ($32), what a mouthful! The octopus is sliced then grilled and served with baby potatoes, coriander and paprika sauce. The octopus has a lovely flavour and texture, however, similar to the previous dish, I found the dish rather pricey with about five slices of octopus for over $30.


The Pluma Iberica ($38) is one of the most perfectly executed pork dishes I have had! The Pluma Iberico pork is grilled superbly, and it is prettily pink in the middle and oh so fatty and tender! It is plated with Padron peppers and creamy pumpkin.


The last tapas we had was the Gambas Al Ajillo ($22). Fresh tiger prawns, sauteed in olive oil, served with garlic, chilli and parsley. The prawns were smaller than expected, as I thought they would be giant. However, I loved the sauce, which reminded me of aglio olio!

Signature Paellas


As for the paellas, we had Arroz Negro (small $52, large $72) and Paella De Chorizo Y Habitas (small $46, large $66), both in the large size. The first paella came with squid ink, fresh cuttlefish, clams, prawns and aioli. The second one is served with Spanish chorizo, fava beans, saffron and aioli. Most of us preferred the first one, which was very palatable, but you have to be prepared to fork out quite a sum for both dishes.


We tried three desserts and I saved the best for last.


The one in the foreground is Queso Fresco Calabaza Y Membrillo ($14) and the one in the background is Fruta De La Pasion, Fresa Y Aloe Vera ($16). The first dish came with fresh cheese mousse, roasted pumpkin ice cream, quince and walnuts. It was weird to eat each component on its own, but together it was a symphony of flavours.

The second dessert is creamy passionfruit, strawberry ice cream and aloe vera. I did not fancy it as it was foamed before serving, so by the time it got to the table, the bubbles had dissipated. Also, I found it too sour.


One can never go wrong with churros at a Spanish restaurant, and the churros here were delectable! The Churros Con Chocolate Y Cafe ($14) was crispy and yet soft, and served with dark chocolate and coffee foam, which was unexpected!

UNA at One Rochester
1 Rochester Park,
Singapore 139212
Tel: 6773 0070
Opening Hours:
Monday & Tuesday 1700-2300hrs
Wednesday to Friday 1200-1500hrs and 1700-2300hrs
Saturday 1700-2300hrs
Sunday 1100-1500hrs
Nearest MRT Station: Buona Vista Station (East West Line and Circle Line)

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