Brand New Brunch Menu at The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey

It is always a pleasure to dine at The Disgruntled Chef, and this was my first visit to their flagship outlet at Dempsey to try out their new brunch menu. What Founder and Executive Chef Daniel Sia has done was to create a new Cured & Cultured list of eats that pair well with over 20 of their original creation cocktails.

In addition to that, the new brunch menu is available all day, any day of the week! Patrons can choose two or three (Small or Big) plates from the New Brunch Menu for $32++ and $39++ respectively.


We started our meal with some fresh fruit juice blends: Pear Tree ($10), Bora-Bora ($10) and a carrot juice. I loved the Pear Tree, which comes with pear, lime and mint. It was thirst-quenching and rejuvenating. The Bora Bora is packed with lots of antioxidants and nutritious benefits, as it is made up of pomegranate, pineapple and passionfruit.

Cured & Cultured


The Truffle Bikini ($10) is the bomb! It might look small and inconspicuous but the moment you pop it into your mouth, you will fall in love with this slice of heaven! A perfect combination of Iberico ham, brie and black truffle. Three is definitely not enough.


I also enjoyed the BBQ Pork Belly Bao ($10), which comes with house-made kimchi and spicy mayonnaise. The dish is a fusion version of our local kong bak pau. The buns were soft and fluffy, and the fillings were piquant and spicy.

Small Plates


This is a rather unusual appetiser for me, but I liked it. The Baked Smoked Camembert ($21) is served with green apple puree and warm fruit and nut bread. Just imagine dipping the slice of bread into a little wheel of melted and slightly gooey cheese and adding a little sweet and tart flavour from the puree.


The Crispy Lamb Shortribs ($21) is hands down my favourite dish among all the Small Plates we tried. The ribs are crusted with spices and make a nice contrast to the tender flesh. You may choose to eat it alone or enhance the taste with the spiced pumpkin puree and mint yoghurt.


It is hard to find a good Mac & Cheese, but this Truffle Macaroni & Cheese ($18) hits the mark. The fragrance of the truffle is discernible yet not overwhelming and transform a normal dish into a gourmet experience.

Big Plates


Honestly, I prefer my veal or even beef in the form of steaks, so while this Braised Veal Cheeks ($34) was admittedly good, it was not my cup of tea. This is served with wilted spinach, Yorkshire pudding and red chilli.


As you know, the hamachi collar is the fattiest part of the fish and there makes it the best part. This Saikyo Miso Hamachi Collar ($34) is sweet and tender, and goes really well with the chilled milk cabbage, picked shimeji and ponzu.


I found the price for the Crackling Suckling Pig ($68) to be on the high side. It is laid out on the plate in smaller pieces as opposed to the usual Chinese style of having the whole pig on a platter. The meat is extremely tender and juicy.



“Avo-gato” ($12), a brilliant play on words! Instead of vanilla ice cream, the shot of espresso is poured over homemade avocado ice cream. It was creamy and slightly bitter, and it went really well with our other dessert.


To balance out the slightly bitter aftertaste of the dessert above, we had the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($14). The cake was very moist and drenched in toffee sauce, then served with bourbon vanilla ice cream. I like how the chef keeps you on your toes by adding something unexpected.

The Disgruntled Chef @ Dempsey
26B Dempsey Road,
Singapore 247693
Tel: 6476 5305
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 1200-1430hrs and 1800-2230hrs
Friday & Saturday 1200-1430hrs and 1800-2330hrs
Sunday 1200-1630hrs and 1800-2230hrs
Closed on Mondays.

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